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So you want to become an member of the most sexy ecological organization in the world or an erotic activist for fuckforforest?

There are many ways to show your love!
You can make your own special erotic FFF contribution in form of photos or videos. Or you can send us something you have already made. Do not let your private erotic photos be private anymore, share the love! You can also contact us and see if it would be possible to meet. Sometimes we also go where you are.
Lets create magic!

Donate photos!

You will not be alone. Since FFF started in 2004, over 1300 erotic nature lovers and activists has decided to share their bodies and love - for nature, excitement and freedom. And you can too, don't be shy! Everyone is welcome to share their love. We do not prefer any special body type or sexual orientation. In fact, FFF does not choose people, people choose us. We want to present a great diversity of erotic adventures. You only need to be over 18 years of age, and want your photos or videos to be presented on FFF. Apart from this - any gender, body type or sexual orientation is invited to show their erotic dreams and expressions. Join the fast growing crowd of erotic liberators! You are free to express your sexual freedom in any way you want. You will receive free access to the FFF member's area, and help us to protect nature. FFF do not wish any ownership over any photos or videos where you appear, and will remove them from the website again if you ever wish this. We anyway hope you will stay connected - to help liberate life! Lets enjoy what nature has given us - and let love free!

Erotic activism can also be about exploring our sexual borders and challenging our times sexual moral. There are many ways to get attention for both ecology and sexual suppression, or any other subject you want to address. So be creative - remove your shame and pimp your karma!

We also welcome volunteer contributions from any nature lover, artists & musicians who have ideas or contributions.

Make use of your sexual super powers. Help FFF to protect nature and show a living picture of sexuality. Lets all get fucked!

Donate money to protect nature now!

Pimp your karma!