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Contacts & Links

FuckForForest have been growing the last year and now have got two divisions FFF Germany and FFF Mexico.

Join the Love Revolution

Email to Mexico and founders: fff@moralprod.com
Email to Germany: fffingermany@gmail.com
Questions and modeling. Help us change the world!!

Telephone: Working on getting a new

Help Fuck for forest to grow. Give donations!
Cultura sparbank (pb6800 st.olavs plass N-0130 Oslo)
Account nr; 12542023870
Iban; NO 93 1254 2023 870
Or contact us!!

Ecolocical Projects supported by FFF
Read more about the FFF supported projects on FFF

VLK - Slovakia
VLK - Buy your own tree campain
Seedsdream - Equador
Arbofilia - Costa Rica

Feel free to use one of our banners, and link to fuckforforest.com

Friends of FFF:
Annie Sprinkle - Post porn, FFF inspirator:
Nude for the planet - French nudist group
John Holmestrand -- music and inspiration
Isabella - tattoo & art -- isaesasi.com
Freedom Porn- pornographic site for anarchists and activists

Sites for nature & spirit!:
Arbofilia / FFF supported eco project - www.arbofilia.net/
Eco organization & FFF helper - www.pro-regenwald.org/
Seed dreams / FFF supported eco project - www.tiriruk.org
Eco project and activism - www.earthfirst.org/
More intensive eco activism - www.earthliberationfront.com/
For eco defence prisoners - www.spiritoffreedom.org.uk/
Bite back; animal liberation team - www.directaction.info/index.htm
Do or die; Eco resistance links - www.eco-action.org/dod/index.html
Animal rights - www.huntingdonsucks.com
Stop animal cruelty - www.peta.org/
Iceland eco defence - www.savingiceland.org
UK anti road development - www.roadalert.org.uk
Homepage to the anti civilization journal - www.greenanarchy.org
Eco link site - www.salvationnetwork.org
Australian eco project - http://www.geco.org.au/

More erotic or nature directed websites 
Reviews of alternative sex sites - http://reviews.monicaweb.net/
Information about sex in the world:

Links to other sex & nature related sites:


Eat more carrots! Or fuck them..