Fuck For \nForest the \nmovie !
FUCKFORFOREST through the history

2004 - The coming of Robbodildo

Some of the most powerful Shamans of the rainforest - had in dreamtime a meeting about how to reach the heart of young rebels, and awake new forces of power. How to get humans back to the spirit of nature again, and liberated love - the most essential energy of the universe?

So one of the Shamans contacted Leona and Tommy, in the form of a plastic robot from the 80s - To inspire to actions and reaction - and maybe, in the end, even unity. So lets see if this stupid modern humans are able to take their challenge.

The game beguines!

2004 - Get support from the Norwegian government to get started!

FuckForForest.org got created with help from the Norwegian government, who gave us money for half a year to start the project. They later, after media wrote about it in the news, regretted giving FuckForForest support. In this time, in Norway, showing close-ups of fucking or lovemaking was forbidden. So the Norwegian state was quite frustrated about helping to build such an indecent ecological organization. They even tried to get the money back, failing, after using even more money on lawyers to find out - that we all the time did what we said we would do.

2004 - FuckForForest rocks the world!

FuckForForest got international attention after FFF and The Cumshots, a rock band from Norway, made a show together on the Quart festival in Kristiansand, Norway. Enjoying their bodies and sexuality, they tried to put focus on what is happening to the earth's nature.

The last hundreds of years, humans have managed to destroy over half of the earths original forests. How far would you go to actually change something? So go forth and FUCK!

This was a festival located in an area of Norway called the "bible belt", a highly traditional religious place. After the concert, even if the police found it un-necessary, the politicians of the city made a court case against our action. So FFF goes to court!

2005 - FuckForForest in court.

FuckForForest and the band "The Cumshots" had all to go to court for their sexual ecological contribution. FFF claimed all the time that this clearly is under the freedom of expression. The band was a bit more confused, and just wanted to get out of the shit, as fast as possible, by admitting their mistake - and paying the punishment of about 1300 Euro each.

In the end we all got sentenced for indecent behavior or participation, and got sentenced to pay a fee of together 10000NOK, around 1233Euro each - or go to jail for 20 days. Just punish the lovers! When is our society starting to punish the people poisoning our air and water?

Tommy is dropping his pants in court...

During the trial Tommy wanted to demonstrate the beauty of nudity by dropping his pants in court. It was as he described it; a short moment of love between him and the media.

2005 - Getting turned down by ecological groups.

The rainforest foundation had earlier said they would accept a donation from FFF. Suddenly they did not want to receive any donation from FFF anymore. The reason; the stage performance, and fear connected to that we got way too much attention.

FFF then, for fun, tries to donate money to WWF, who also refuses to accept a donation from FFF. The reason; WWF do not take donations from certain sectors of industry. So if you are a sex worker, even if it is allowed in your country, you are not qualified to save nature, or? Is this not some kind of serious sexual discrimination?

FFF contacted "nature and youth", an ecological groupe in Norway, to find out if there were any place in Norway where it would be important to do an action. We just wanted to give attention to what is happening to nature. The "Nature and youth" refused to give us information, telling us that if any action were going to happen, it would happen after their rules. Monopoly activism? And the world just gets weirder!

2005 - won price for best web page.

The winner of the best webpage of the year is FUCKFORFOREST.org - given from the Charity erotic awards!

This award is a part of the "Night of the senses". This beautiful event promotes sexual freedom, and collects money to help disabled people to get a better sexual life. Here you can find great inspiration for a more openly sexual planet! After this, FFF has always been welcome to this great sexual corner of the world.

2006 - FuckForForest on Troma festival.

The free "Troma trash Film Festival" in Berlin. A great event where FFF were making a kind of surreal, recycled, shamanistic, trash show! We did that with pleasure... Great inspiration and fun for us!

2006 - FuckForForest & Nada Njiente performing together at the Kit Kat Club, Berlin.

Together with our friend Nada Njiente, FuckForForest made a performance at Kit Kat Club. This is a sex positive club in Berlin, where you can live out all you fantasies, as long you respect and communicate. This is a place where FuckForForest is always welcome, to feel safe and at home. A nice hideout!

2006 - FuckForForest & Wild Climax refuge.

FuckForForest helps a small local organization in Costa Rica called Arbofilia, with buying land to make protected areas, and also support work with reforestation in the area.

FuckForForest made a protected natural area from the land, close to Carrara national park. The area is now called the FFF - Wild climax refuge.

Later FFF got kind of pushed out from this cooperation because of another ecological organization from Holland called "International tree founds" They were founded by conservative religious groups, and they in the end told Arbofilia that if they receives any more money from FFF, they would stop their foundlings. And since they had more resources than us, we had not too much to say.

Funny how one group working to save nature, can sabotage another, based on different sexual moralistic views.

There is a lot more to read about the ecological projects FFF supports in the "Eco Project" part.

2006 - Supporting the project Seedsdream in Ecuador, Amazon.

This is a project started in Ecuador by the Shuar indigenous community. They see that the forest is plundered; some plants do not come back. So they wanted to start to reforest the Amazon with plants that is disappearing, and create a seed network between the different tribes. Also to show how important it is to keep this culture connected to nature, making the tribes stronger with their culture, so they do not get tricked to give away the land to commercial interests. They started the project Seedsdream...

The project is focusing on reforestation, and to help make a cultural center for the exchange of knowledge - about natural balance, medicine plants and shamanism. Reclaim your nature! The Shuar is a tribe that traditionally practiced headhunting rituals. Why?

Well, they could see that the human consciousness was not developed enough to be too many. Then they would destroy too much nature and kill too many animals. So when there were too many people they made ritual wars, where they captured the head of the people on the other "team". This was actually all to regulate population. And to say in a way, that humans are a part of nature, not superior to it. And since they belive that everything in life is one changing energy, why be so attached to your human form?

More to read about this project in the Eco Project part

2007 - Fuckforforest Charity party.

FUCKFORFOREST IS MAKING A CHARITY PARTY ON KIT-KAT CLUB, BERLIN. Visitors: ca 200 and many had great sex on this party! FFF collected on the entrance: 1000Euro. This we used for the project in Costa Rica

Performing artist: fuckforforest.com and friends + Nada Njiente + Reverse escape goat. Nice party, on a nice club, with nice people! Thanks for all support!

2007 - Exhibition: The freedom of expression, where is the borders? How free is free?

The Nobel peace price center of Norway made an exhibition about freedom of speech and expressions. So where is the border?

Fuckforforest was invited as a part of this exhibition. They where showing clips from the rock concert where Tommy & Leona from FuckForForest.org had sex on stage. They showed the clip uncensored, in an open space where also children could see it. It was actually a nice moment to feel, that even in all our horniness and playfulness, someone also took us kind of serious.

FuckForForest was in the category: Using the body as expression.

2007 - Sex party in the FFF base.

SEX, DRUGS & ecology (& ROCK n ROLL)

For a greener and sexier planet!

2008 - Liberate the animal instincts, Berlinale.

FuckForForest went to the film festival Berlinale - to try to help "Knut" the ice bear to find back his lost animal instincts, and most important, his sexual instincts. The story was, that all the media hysteria and stress around the pore ice bear in the Berlin Zoo. had made the growing wild animal kind of psychotic.

But our work could not be done, because the Berlinale called the police for assistant, to catch Knut and the 2 half naked girls protecting him. Then they assist them away and kick them out.

We were able to stay at the Berlinale for about 15 minutes before the police surrounded us and made us follow them out to an open space.

It is sad that a film festival as Berlinale let this happen, while many people in the film industry try to fight for freedom of expression in their movies. Anyway, showing bodies, and trying to make the ice bear happy, was too much for the Berlinale.

Maybe we are all a little bit like Knut, trapped in a cage and afraid of out instincts? Anyway the Berlin police had no problem with the ice bear or the naked girls, and actually told us they were sorry for what they had to do. So we could walk untouched out in Berlins streets. Stupid to have a job, where you cannot follow your own beliefs.

2008 - Attack of paint in the hallway!

A group of kids, or people not totally agreeing with FFF and our actions, re painted the new renovated hallway outside the FFF base. Fuck The Forest... hmm what do they try to say with that, is this the kill as much forest as possible front? Anyway we were happy, since we like it trashy, and we did not totally agree with the newly renovated hallway. And now it was kind of a FFF commercial. Our house lord was not too happy, but what to do? Anyway it stayed like this for a long time.

(FuckForForest also got "Hausverbot", in many bars and house projects during this time. Hausverbot is a German way to say you are not welcome here anymore.

Some people in the political left oriented scene of Berlin suddenly got ideas about that FFF is sexists. Why? Because we play with sex? Is not judgment a big part of sexism? How can we know? We just try to have fun!

We will tell you more about our experience with the anti sexual front, here.

2008 - Masturbate-a-thone Copenhagen

The idea is totally surreal and funny, is not meant to be serious at all! Made by sexy people in San Francisco, to try to make people feel more secure with their body, and not take masturbation or body pleasure too serious!

Masturbation- a-thon should be a great place to get together to celebrate that act of self-pleasure. We need this to liberate ourselves from the prison of sexual taboos that keeps us from developing as a sexual living creature on this planet.

But we found out that in Denmark this event was quite a serious competition!

2008 - Universo Parallelo + Performance

FuckForForest got invited to make a performance on a big trance festival in Brazil. This was a great adventure that went madly out of control. It was just to many people that wanted to see the FFF people having their show this night!

In contrary to many European trance parties, where they many times are a bit afraid of promoting FFF, the Universo Parallelo crew promoted FFF on their program. It ended up with a total overfull stage with people hanging from the trees to get a look. This while "team FFF" tries to play out a sexual story, based on suppression of mind and body through time.

2009 - World Social Forum Brazil

Natty and Tommy (lost without Leona, who got electrocuted by a lamp and had to go back to Berlin) representing FFF together with other FFF friends at the world social forum Brazil. 1000000 people gathered to party and try to figure out how to change the world, or get their hands on the natural recourses in a "clean" way. Without Portuguese knowledge, FFF was a bit lost. But they still could figure out that many organizations, which claimed to wish to protect nature, were sponsored by big companies and banks. A bit scary. When did they start to care about anything else than profit?

But here we also met the people from the Escolar de Mata Atlantica for the first time. They later created the "Chama" project. They work to replant a piece of land by a river, and spread information on how to life in harmony with nature. Now with help of money collect through FFF.

2009 - Natty kidnapped by cannibals in the Amazon?

In a Berlin newspaper you could one day read: Berlin girl lost in the Amazon rainforest. Went with some kind of crazy ecological sex cult to Brazil and has not reported home in long time.

Roomers say she was first kidnapped by cannibals, but managed to work herself up in the tribe - from food, to sexual goddess. After receiving the information she wanted she kind of returned to Berlin again. With a different look in here eyes and with knowledge she still keeps in here heart.

When will the power be released?

2009 - How to organize Anarchy?

Berlin anarchistic congers presents - "how to organize Anarchy". What the fuck is that? Is not anarchy more like - no organization?

So 3 people from FFF decides to make a nude action during this anarchistic congress, to represent FFF and our right to be naked if we wish. In the end this created so much confusion and anger that the naked FFF people kind of got threatened with violence (violence against nudity!) and the organizers the next day decided to close down the whole congress. The reason for closing- FuckForForest got to much sympathy, with too many people. . Hmm

When did Anarchism become politic and rules?

Happy hippie hater day!!!!

Read more about how FuckForForest experienced this event, here!

2009 - Supporting project in Slovakia

FuckForForest starts to support - VLK Lesoochranarske zoskupeniei, a project in Slovakia - to protect the last wild forest and animal life there.

More to read about this project in the Eco Project part.

2009 - FuckForForest meets the "Off-Enders".

The "Off-Enders" is an anti society group of outcast superheroes. They are fighting against injustice in the world, maybe by unmoral means, but with love full hearts. The members of the super hero group are: **The rapist - The Whore - The off-ender - The sexist - The flasher (flashing himself for ethnic minority groups only), Super cunt & Scared mouse.** Together they are using their sexual skills, gifts and superpowers, to bravely offend the world - and to fight suppression and prude behavior, wherever it can be found.

They also often battle the evil super villain "Moralium", who wish to enslave humanity with his suppressive moral ray. The Off-Enders, by any means necessary or un-necessary, is always trying to help to create a more tolerant planet. It is said, that some of them came from a planet far far away, in another dimension, where suppression and serious creatures does not exist. They came to earth to learn about how to take things mores serious, something not known it their dimension. So the Off-Enders from the dimension far away have teamed up with some of Earths natural offending talents. Together they are - The OFF-ENDERS!

After the Anarchistic congress in Berlin, roomers say the Off-Enders contacted FFF. There are also rumors saying they are now part of fuckforforest. That itself is quite offending for a minority of people. What could happen in this cooperation? This roomer has already created countless counter strike superheroes and groups, mortal enemies, who wish to fight The Off-Enders. Like; The Anti Sexists - Dr Prude - Censure Man - Restrictionia, Irony girl and The Religionator.

We in the fuckforforest crew wish to clearly state - the Off-enders has not fucked for forest yet and we do not have any connection to this group what so ever, even if we some times post web blogs about their actions on FFF.

2009 - Practicum for crazy scientist working with Orga Urkult.

FuckForForest have got a new practicum worker in FFF. He makes research on how to make reforestation easier and better. And on how to make plants grow in areas where the earth is dead, without much water??

There are 2 ways he has been investigating in: Terra Preta and Orga-Urkult. FuckForForest took part in the research connected to Orga-Urkult, a project connected to earth magnetism and sexual energy.

So we went, Tommy, Natty, David and me - and of course Harald, the FFF practicum and crazy scientist. We all went to a small farm, not far from Berlin. To try out this theory about making plants grow faster and bigger. First we had to look for the perfect place. We where looking for something like an energy vortex in the earth.

2009 - Selling our bodies to get Tommy out from jail.

After Tommy tried to get a new passport in Norway, the police gave him the ultimatum - go to jail the 2 of November, or pay the 10 000 Norwegian money to the government. This is what he got sentenced to pay for Fucking on stage, and still had managed to avoid. Leona has still not paid this. But Tommy had now no passport, the police stole it, and we needed to go to Brazil. So what to do?

We really did not wanted to pay any money for something we still believe was necessary to do. We think our way of expressing love for nature should not have been put down on as something criminal, but rather be rewarded.

So we got the idea to contact a commercial porn magazine in Norway. We wanted to make some photos; to get the money for paying Tommy out, without using any of the FFF collected money. We fuck and are naked anyway all the time, and it is kind of nice to make love to solve problems. And since making love was what put us into trouble in the first place, this felt exciting.

So we kind of prostituted ourselves to get the money for getting Tommy a new passport. So the state gets their porn money. But is not prostitution forbidden in Norway?

2009 - Protecting forest and a Indian community, Brazil.

End of 2009 we got an E-mail from a girl called Valeska. She wrote and told about how 5.300 squares kilometers of forest and an Indian community were under threat to become a rice farm, if no one did something.

She found out about FFF from a friend who had been at the world social forum. FFF decided to donate the missing money to protect this land and the people living there.

More to read about this project in the Eco Project part

2009 - Still many walls to brake down!

The German wall fell on this day, 20 years ago. And whole of Berlin is celebrating. FFF is on a mission to inform people that cloths can be walls too, and that there are still too many walls in our minds.

So we ended up getting told by the police that we were very welcome to express ourselves, but please without the sign, it would block their view. They did not seem to care much about some of us showing our tits, or pussies (Thanks Berlin!!). They refused to arrest us, and after some time we went again with the flow, 200m to the left where signs were allowed again.

2009 - Supporting new project called "CHAMA", in the Atlantic-rainforest, Brazil.

On the world social forum in Brazil 2009, Tommy and Natty met a group of people working with a project called Escola de Mata Altlantica.

Later after a nice long E-mail and telephone conversations, we agreed on helping them with FFF funds to buy a piece of land.

The land was next to a land EMA just had bought. It is for reforestation, protection and research.

More to read about this project in the Eco Project part

2009 - FFF on exhibition called independent fuckers, FFF "art" getting destroyed by girl

FFF was invited to make an exhibition in an art gallery in Berlin called the “Photo Shop”. We made a small installation with deco, photos and a video.

During the opening of the exhibition one of the visitors decided it was in here right to destroy one of the FFF photos in the exhibition. The reason was - that the photo showed a boy getting a blowjob by two girls – suppressive for the women and obviously sexist, right?

Well, the story behind the photo was different. The photo was of our guide in Costa Rica, a very sweet young boy, who both Leona and another friend had used weeks to hunt down. He was very shy, and the two girls almost dragged of his clothes and really used all their time trying to catch him.

If any borders were crossed here, it was on the term of the pore boy, not the girls. Strange how people can analyze a situation they do not know and justify their actions based on prejudgment and own issues.

Well, art are supposed to get reactions, so for us the night was a success!

2010 - FuckForForest at PRO LIFE march.

God sent us out for a new adventure in Berlin. The 1000 crosses march, an event for trying to get abortion and euthanasia forbidden in Europe. They called it a "PRO LIFE" march.

Walking with 1000 crosses! (For you who did not know, the cross is a old executing device. And before Christianity - a symbol representing the crossing of the material and spiritual world.) Now to symbolize the death of 1000 unborn children each day, or as Natty found out, trees that got killed for becoming crosses. No one seemed to care too much about natures right to live.

Tommy and Natty tried to get a cross, as well as many others, but ended up having to fight for one, almost getting beaten up by some kind of aggressive Christian bullies. Then the police showed us the way, away...

2010 - Performing as robots!

The story; three emotionless robots making researching on how to find the human life-force energy. I = Robot want to become a human?

Finding a porn magazine and comparing what they see in it with there own dead human looking body, trying to find out what love is...Error?

2010 - FuckForForest get support from "Suicidal Teens" an underground movement of suicidal teenagers.

There philosophy is, if you any way want to kill yourself, you might as well do it funny or for a purpose.

Teens joining the movement do not wish for anything else than to die. They think there is nothing to live for. They can just see the dark side of the world full, of misery and sadness. Depressed and domed to a miserly life - they have decided to take their life. But not just at home at a rope in the wardrobe, but out there on the streets - to show their frustration against the state of our world, and maybe make people feel the sadness they felt. To get the people to wake up from their sleep, and maybe realize that something - is serious wrong!

FuckForForest got contacted in 2010 from some of the teens telling that they like FFF and would join in, but are way to depressed and disgusted by life to have any sexual apatite at all. But they would help in any action where we need sexy teens killing them self to show how stupidly serious people take life and sex!

After getting contact with the Suicidal teens, FFF are posting some of their actions and event on FFF to help them spread their message - If you want to die, why not for a cause.

P.S Also good to know - the teens just kill themselves, and never anyone else. This is not suicide bombers that want to kill as many people as possible, including them self - but peaceful suicide teens who wish to make the world a better place for you and me.

2010 - Won a DINGSDABUMS on the No Dogma- 3 Freigeist-kurzfilmfest

FuckForForest won this great price for the movie from the 1000 crosses march. Documentation from a FuckForForest real life experience!

FFF also met a lot of nice people doing a lot of interesting work and activism in Berlin. So now we got some new inspirations and connections to more people going wild, in this great city. A great, free event!

See movie in movie part!

2010 - FuckForForest on stage with Frank Znort Quartet.

It was a big mess in the garden of Heden, this night as always:)

It all started in the garden, where God created life!

The band was playing, the creation became alive...

After good created life... yes, I guess you know... you are part of this mess as well... so I guess you know as much as me about what is going on...

2011 - FuckForForest Invited to hold a speech on important meeting in Paris.

FuckForForest got invited to Paris to hold a 20 minutes presentation on a meeting where the concept of way forest is impotent was presented.

It was the suiters sitting and listening, they where invited to learn about way forest is impotent. They are the people in our world that take the decision what should be done in our world.

Tommy and Natty with clown noses and Leona with a pen and paper entered the stage.. Sitting on the floor and talking about the concept of free nature and body. That we have to be able to be free with our body and sexuality and our fear for body and sex has some thing to do with our disconnection to nature. Ended with Tommy and Natty getting naked.

We where told not to show any sexual images and there for we showed animals fucking in the back ground during our speach... How can people that are not are able to see grown up people fuck be able to change the world to something better ?

2011 - Doing Pecha Kucha

20 images x 20 seconds a event founded in Japan that now also had spread to Berlin. Where FuckForForest suddenly got invited to join. It Sounded like fun so we made 20 sexy photos from us and friends.

Naked on stage with a microphone and a carrot we started the presentation connecting the 20 photos to one story

This is some of them...

2011 - Porn Clowns on 1 may

A group of Porn Clowns trying to have fun on the 1 of may Berlin. Tradition of punk music concerts and in the end fighting the police. Far back in Time actually with a purpose now the only purpose of this tradition is for the police to learn how to control big groups of people.

The sexy Porn Clowns only manage to make a rabbit come out of the pussy before a drunk punk made another magic trick called a flaying bear bottle.

The Porn Clowns will return again with more rabbits and more umbrellas to fight angry bear bottles ...

2011 - Sex in Bible & FFF action in the Oslo Cathedral

In 2011, Einar Gelius lost his job as priest in a state church in Oslo,Norway. The main reason for the bishop Ole Christian Kvalme´s choice of firing Gelius from his job, was Gelius authorship of the book "sex in the Bible".

Some worried people connected to FFF got engaged in the case, where it could seem as the freedom of expression and personal sexual freedom was under suppression by a religious regime.

So on the Ascension Day 3 activists from FFF entered the Oslo Dome and during the mess undressed and went to the alter. [See the movie]

FuckForForest wishes to reclaim nature through love. We wish to thank Einar Gelius for his contribution of thoughts on this important subject. We wish with this act of love to express our feelings about Bishop Ole Christian Kvalme´s sexual harassment and suppression of a free world!

2011 - Liberating the nipples

Natty & Danny meet up by the blue stone to continue there mission of liberating the nipples and make people more relaxed with nudity in public.

Our wish is to make people aware about that it is actually NOT legal for women to be topless in public, It is totally accepted for a boy to be topless, It should be equal rights. We do not wish for boys to have to dress up we wish for woman tits to also get accepted and allowed to show. Women breast are the first food source for human beeings. Why are we afraid of nature?

2011 - THIS IS A SLUT WALK not a BITCH walk

The SlutWalk protest marches began on April 3, 2011, in Toronto, Canada, and became a movement of rallies across the world. Participants protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman's appearance.

"Slut or slattern is a pejorative term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous." -wikipedia

Sadly I must say that this slut walk in Berlin do not accept all groups to take part... We had to fight for beeing able to carry the FFF sign in the slut walk. Telling us that we can not take part because some people have a problem with FFF and in sympathy to them we have to go.

The political party "Die PARTEI" got bitched out and had to leave... we where lucky and had many friends that could bitch back so that we could stay

Throwing water on us be course the FFF poster only showing hetrosexual sex... girl giving a boy a blow job and a girl getting fucked from behind... so when did hetrosexuality became something bad.. I thought we where fighting for all sexual freedom...

2011 - FFF followed by "documentary" film team

We invited this two freaks, lets call them Camera guy and Sound guy into the life of FFF to document and make cinema movie out the project.

Giving them total freedom of expression to make this movie as they wished. Lets see what they will make out of it... making a product of a project and philosophy...

2011 - FuckForForest demonstration for freedom to express

In Berlin we where 21 friends and lovers, police protecting us and many tourists and strangers around us! Slowly we started, legally allowed from the police to be topless, at least something!

Maybe one day it will be allowed for everyone to be naked or wear whatever they want. In demonstrations in Germany it is forbidden to wear the same uniform while the police needs to be there, in uniforms. Why do we have so many strange laws? Hopefully one day love will be the only law.

2011 - Monster Children

10 Monster children... arriving with a boom! To entertain on a sex swinger club in Berlin

It was an adventure! Instruments, sounds and masterbation and fucking... the show was devided in 2 parts and the audians was getting on stage and taking part in the show.. It was amazing and funny...

2011 - FFF bringing sexy entertainment to jungle town

Bringing sexual madness to this lost jungle town in the amazon jungle of Peru. Trying to show humans lost in confusion and bringing the subject of free love to the surface.

Becoming really popular and wanted in many different clubs to entertain with sexy erotic shows. pushing the borders until we finally could have sex on a bar disk with a lot of people around wanting to see more of the juicy details.

2012 - Supporting hippie comunity in Peru

after visiting their community some times. maybe too much hippie stuff for us to be able to stay there for a long time. But the fact is that they do try to make a change... That counts a lot!

"We are an International Ecological Rainbow Community dedicated to living in a self- sustainable way in peace & harmony with Mother Nature. As an open circle of brothers & sisters, all are welcome to join the family, share their unique gifts & essence with the whole, & co-create ONE TRIBE of many colours."

More to read about this project in the Eco Project part

2012 - Porn rock Musical

The play was called the Strangers in Paradise !

A musical created by a crazy mind in magic inspired from life and FFF. The place was full... never had they sean something like this.. or did they... We had fun and hope the people watching also did !

Some days later we heard that they had special plenums = meeting to discuss the show, if this was over the line... is this a danger for the people and children... ?

2012 - FFF doing performance on the SexxBoxx party

Starting with a flower boy read a poem ending with singing hysteria wile the flower boy got his big dick sucked.

2012 - Invited to a birthday Party

Every body want to see sex... The world have made it a bit complicated to actually have the pleasure to see some one else have sex.. feel the energy and be allowed to watch it... if you have this desires you could get stamped as a pervert...

We got invited to make some sexy entertainment on a private birth day party in Oslo, Norway... we where bored and wanted to go to Norway so we left Berlin for new adventures

Last on stage that night was FuckForForest... Making a erotic show, this time it did not contain sex.. but we masturbated and in the end Tommy came in his hand and then he eat it…

2012 - FuckForForest make a police report

For helping arranging a birth day party for his friend Sverre with FuckForForest as entertainment... costed Vegard his job on Norwegian children television where he was suppose to be the host for "melody grand prix junior".

Fuck For Forest made a police report about sexual discrimination from NRK when they fired Vegard...

we believe is an criminal offense is that NRK chose to dismiss Vegar Olsen his job as a host for "melodi grand prix junior" be course he was part of arranging "fuck for forest" to the private party.

The basis for NRKs choice is that there opinion is that it was wrong by Vegar Olsen to be contributing his friend get pas "fuck for forest" as private entertainment, be course "melodi grand prix" is a children program, and that he can not have the ability for freedom to get his private live shamed, be course he is working with children.

"fuck for forest" want to report NRK for sexual discrimination and harassment, be course we believe Vegar Olsen have been exposed for a ugly violation by his employer, and that he all the right to his own relationship to his sexuality and how he wants to live this out on his free time.

2012 - Sexual Disorder

Do you have a sexual disorder ? What is a sexual disorder... Doctor Stickitin or doctor Valiumas she is called by her patients, working in the psychiatric clinic in Berlin with a group of sexual misfits. There sexual drive is high and they are acting it out in abnormal ways. Her work is to get them back to the normal society and to behave as the rest of the people. After a year in her hands she took 6 of her patients out for field study to see how of them that can get set free in the real world again.

Hmm it went kind of ok... One of the patients made some people a bit afraid when she all the time rubbed her pussy on her pet and then made them smell it... (but they did smell it).. One of the other patients claimed he was jesus dressed as the devil and all the time looking for a virgin so that he could "rape" and so that she could give birth to the... There was also one that claimed it was horny cat and wanted to rub it self on people all the time.. then there was the sweet shy girl with the wipe... and the fairy boy that liked to show his genitals to people...

2012 - Right to exist - FFF demo

We where around 40 people together... with a lot of police protection... many busses full of police people following us around... Telling us that we can not have sex or be totally naked.. One girl got told by the police many times to drag up her dress to cover her nipples, ( probably because they where not painted or made into art)... wile others could show there tits with big dick hanging between her tits or painted... nature it self is not art enough for the police...

With sex party and total madness after the demo in FFF head quarter

If we do this one more time we will get totally naked and see what kind of art we can make out of it!

2012 - FFF make Action outside Berlin Zoo

The last wild humans has been captured and are supposed to be kept in the Berlin Zoo for civilized humans to enjoy for just a little bit of money. This made that a grope of activists had to make a stand against this inhuman zoo event.

2012 - Halloween

Dear friends and lovers, We all know the fest of halloween when the undead rise from their graves. This year we invite you to a special dinner served only for you. Fitting dress is apropriate. Welcome to the madhouse!

2012 - Hectic Lovers

Only memory left from this fucked up night... It was fun and also horror night !

2012 - FREE the Tigers

celebrating the international tiger day!!!

celebrating with sex and chanting FREE THE TIGERS

Goal save the tigers make people aware of that this magical animal is disiparing due to humans stupidity... There is not more than around 3,200 tigers existing in the wild today... Save the Tigers !!!

2012 - The RelationShits

The RelationShits new debut album will soon be out... with the hit song Sterni of course, as well as Fuck and Fuck 2 then the newest hits Better bladder & war whore !

Sex drugs and rock en roll and some broken harts is of course the main ingredients in the band! More from this soon!!


This was just a small out-take of the FFF history!

FuckForForest also took part at many festivals, demonstrations, events and exhibitions - freaking out themselves and others, during this imitation of time.

If you wish to have a seminar, workshop or performance from FFF, please contact us.

Give love, get love, make love!