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Each year, huge areas of rainforest are systematically cut down. Invaluable animal andplant life is being decimated to make way for commercial interests. For too many humans,industrialized development has become more important than the balance of nature. Is humanities cynical behavior more powerful than love & idealism...?

 FFF supported projects:

Rancho La Manzana Podrida- Mexico
Neotropical Primate Conservation - Peru
Saphichay - Peru
Eco Village ArcoIris - Peru
Nature & Indian Reserve - Brasil
Chama - Brasil
VLK Lesoochranarske zoskupenie - Slovakia
Seedsdream - Ecuador
Wildclimax refuge- Costa Rica

FFF is a registered non-profit ecological organization with organization nr: 888167412. FFF does not pay tax and always need to show what the collected money is used for. When you donate money to FFF - this is a donation for protection of threatened nature. The sex part is our way to stay inspired - and because we find it naturally exciting.

Donate money to protect nature now!

FuckForForest have after the start in 2004 collected over 2 million NOK about 245549 Euro & 326353 USD, thanks to all the members who gave us donations. With this donations FFF have been able to support 8 different ecological projects.

 FFF supported projects in short:

Wild Climax Refuge - Costa Rica: FuckForForest bought about 60 hectares with forest in Costa Rica, now protected area. Total donated: 201000 NOK around 39303 $ or 25246 Euro

Seeds Dream - Ecuador: Our goal is to reverse this trend of regional extinctions by creating refuge forests and developing networks of seed exchange among indigenous communities. Total donated: 119000 NOK ca 14994 Euro ca 20230 USD

VLK Lesoochranarske zoskupenie - Slovakia : For protecting the last wild life in Slovakia, protecting forest and animals. Total donated: ca 21765 Euro

CHAMA - Brazil: For buying land to make a pilot permaculture project to educate the local farmers and children about a more earth honoring way of living.
Total donated: 13.000 Euro

Nature and Indian reserve - Brazil: End of 2009 we got an e-mail from a girl called Valeska. She wrote and told about how 5.300 squares kilometers of forest and an Indian community was under threat to become a rice farm if no one helped. Total donated: sent 215000 Nok = 66178 BRL = 25788 Euro = 38592$

Village Arco Iris - Peru: One of our missions of our eco-village is to help the local families become more conscious & aware of the impact their way of life has on the environment, to move sensitive & respectful to the land, plants & animals with witch we live. Total donated: 50,000 NOK ≈ 23,916 PEN ≈ 6,747 EUR ≈ 8,949 USD

Saphichay - Peru: It is Saphichay’s goal to help create and support cultural centers that focus on the preservation and revitalization of local indigenous traditions. Total donated: donated 97000 Nok around: 11737 € or 15811 $

Neotropical Primate Conservation - Peru: NPC was set up in order to promote the conservation of Neotropical forest habitat and all wildlife through various means. Total donated: 80000 NOK that is around 13200 Amerikansk dollar or around 9680 Euro

FFF will start to work with more projects soon, so keep your self updated.

If you wish to protect nature and need help please contact us!

Saving the planet IS sexy!