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We cum to save the world!

FFF is an erotic, non-profit ecological organization.

Join the member area to get access to thousands of photos and videos with exciting erotic activist showing IT ALL to protect nature and liberate life. By showing the beauty of love, nudity and real sexual adventures - we wish to direct attention to, and collect money for threatened nature.

Sex is often shown to attract us to buy all kind of bullshit products and ideas, so why not for a good cause? We think it is important to show a more liberal relationship to our bodies, as a contrast to the suppressed world we live in. In FFF we make photos and videos of ourselves or with friends, having sex or being naked. If you wish to get member access to watch us, you need to donate money for our ecological work, or join us as an erotic activist.

Everything FFF makes is based on real, non-profit, erotic adventures - for pleasure, excitement, freedom and nature. Saving the planet IS sexy! Why not get horny for a good cause? It makes it easier for you and me to stay positive in an already too suppressed world. Read our "War on error" and "love manifest" to know more about the FFF philosophy.

There are two main ways to support FFF:

Become an erotic activist for FFF HERE!
Do not hide love - share love! If you have self-made erotic photos or videos, please send it to us. Help create a greener and more sex positive planet. Or contact us - for maybe making something together? You are then a proud FFF activist, and will get free access to the FFF member's area.

Donate money to protect nature now!

You will be able to enter the member's area and access thousands of photos and videos of erotic activists, showing you real erotic idealism! After 6 years FFF connects love from over 1300 erotic activist. supporting our cause with erotic photos or videos. In the members area you can watch many different sexy expressions and real erotic adventures. Watch friends playing around, making love, fucking like crazy or being as nature created them - free and naked. Some people in FFF also experiment with direct activism - involving public sex and nudity.

By becoming a FFF member you support our effort to protect nature in Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Slovakia. We will try to show you an honest view on real sexual adventures and body liberation. Now porn is healing! Saving the planet IS sexy. So lets all get horny by nature, and give some LOVE back to our planet.

Why do it sexy? Our bodies, sexuality and nature are under suppression. FFF wants to reclaim nature & sexuality and show a sex positive culture. We need pleasure, not power! Masturbation does NOT lead to hell! Body and sexual suppression is the cause of many problems in our world. If we would make more love, maybe we would destroy less? Many times the rulers who are making moral issues against naked bodies and sex are the same fuckers making war and destroying our planet. We wish to get closer to nature by celebrating love and liberty. Fuck for forest or be nude for nature. You have it all, and nature needs our love. So use your sexual powers!
If you like the idea and want give a donation for our ecological work, please join us now! Enjoy the magic! Get access to thousands of sexy photos and videos of true nature activists - showing you real erotic idealism!

Do not disturb the WILD life!
There are no laws in LOVE. Love is the law!

Donate money to protect nature now!

Change reality with love & sexuality!