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23 Mar 2013 Fuck For Forest the movie !

Hi all FuckForForest lovers !

Finally the movie documentary about FuckForForest is coming out. Some places it already been showed on cinema and in other places it is still an upcoming adventure.

The first thing that you should know about this movie is that it is a movie based on reality. Made from two outsiders and not from any members of the FuckForForest community. It is there version of our version of FuckForForest. We gave them total freedom of expression to make this movie as they wished. We where also curios on how an outsider would see fuckForForest and angle the story.

To invite this two freaks, lets call them Camera guy and Sound guy into the life of FuckForForest could help the project but also make it more complicated. FuckForForest is still working with a sensitive subject and having two more people around with a big camera and a big fluffy microphone could easy scare of a shy new FFF lover. The FuckForForest base should be a safe place for people to go over there borders and try new stuff experimenting with body and sexuality. So to bring this two freaks into the life of FFF was not that easy. There eager and time schedule did not make things easier for us. Thanks to all the sweet sexy FuckForForest lovers that dared to join our adventures even if we had 4 extra eyes focused on what was going on. WE LOVE YOU !

Sadly I do think Michal Marzak "Camera guy" and FuckForForest had very different motives behind participating in the movie. FFF is a group of people who really follow what they believe in. We are real. While Michal Marzak wished to make a product. He wished a story and did too many own choices on how he wished to tell his story. He is quite manipulative and is just after getting what he had already planed in his mind. Well, we do believe in the freedom of expression and he should be allowed to show the sides he wished to angel. Sadly he was responsible for putting us in situations we never would have ended up in if we did not trust him and his production team. I do not think Michal Marzak was honest in his communication with us or his intention behind what he wished to produce. FFF is a group of idealistic expressionists, Michal Marzak is a money and fame loving movie maker.

We have not been able to see the final version of the movie jet but what I could see from before is that a lot of the deeper philosophy is missing and some basic facts about FuckForForest. So for you who watched the move... This is a link to FuckForForest history If you like to know more about the philosophy you can find it on the right side under "war on error" and "love manifest" and the info about the projects. Take your time !

Then if you feel inspired please become part of the project!

The reason way there is a lot of stuff missing in this movie is not only be course of the film makers lack of understanding about FFF but also be course we had a lot of personal problem in this period. A complicated love story over borders morale and an evil society trying to bring your dreams and hope down. If we would have paused the making of the movie we would maybe by now have been able to present another story.

There is also some things in this movie staged by dear Camera guy and Sound guy... realty is not always fitting into a time schedule, so some times you have to take things in your own hands... Well that is what happened when we arrived to Brazil and we did not know exactly what direction we wanted to go.

The conversation on the internet with the NGO from Iquitos was all a setup. Michal Marzak pretended that there was a NGO that wished to talk with us, then tricked us to believe the meeting on internet was real, then later put a new voice over on the clip to fit their storyline.

For sure, we have worked with ecological groups and issues for 8 year. We do know a lot about the different problems you can face working with this, and specially being FuckForForest at the same time. We would never had visited this "tribe" if we would had done the research. We wish to work with native people who still have a part of their nature honouring couture intact. If you help this people, they will help to protect nature, because their basic philosophy and spirituality is nature connected. This people is who we need to learn from. They have the knowledge we need to transfer our destructive society into a earth honouring one, with social commitments also to our fellow human brothers and sisters. They have the knowledge about the plants and rituals that will help us to understand stronger that nature and we are one. Without consciousness, technology will continue to be a demon for humanity and existence.

It is very sad that Michal Marzak choose to focus on the people who already has confirmed to western ideas about progress and disrespect of nature, while there are still many native people willing to die for nature - and are doing that right now in many places of south and central america. There are big conflicts between the people who resists to give up their nature honouring coulture and the people already made afraid by the western society - forcing them to turn their backs at their couture - and themselves becoming part of the industry that destroys nature. This makes violent fights between native people who wish to protect their land and the people who sell of. This is just what the modern world wants and have always done. Make conflicts and wars between the tribes, to make them weaker. - then take over all the natural resources - while reprogramming the couture and old wisdom with empty religion and a school system built to make consuming slaves.

Michal Marzak sees this conflict how we maybe could see this when we started FuckForForest. We have become a lot wiser since then. The end of the movie just shows the filmmakers naivety and is not a real picture on how FuckForForest would have worked - if we were not so stupid (and naive) to trust some commercial filmmakers from Polen.

Well FuckForForest is more then this movie.. it is a choice of life for many of us inside FuckForForest not just something staged and made up... We do not do FuckForForest to provoke any one of you we do it be course we believe in it !



Leona, thanks for this - it's a great counterbalance to the story presented in the film, and I wish I'd known some of this before I went to the premiere in London last week. In the discussion afterwards, a lot of people were criticising FFF for things which were obviously set up dishonestly by Michal Marzak - need to make sure you get to as many other showings as you can to put the record straight! xxx

Marczak, not Marzak.
That sums about everything about you.
No clue.

I liked very must and i do believe what you explain about the film. I did not see the film of course but i really want to see it, but i can already tell you that it is sad that those peoples didn't show your genuine philosophy...It is also sad that this group of film maker, bullshit FFF becoz it could have been an excellent opportunity for FFF to be known by more person.

PLEASE folks at FFF continuned your excellent work of education while showing us thrue love

i do like you ;-)

Danygirl XoXo

Love and peace to all naked and all dressed human beings!

So it's better to have sex behind the church with children. Let´s be less hypocrate!!

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you want to be respected? why you don't respect?

Having sex in a church is really stupid and ignorant. Very childish..

chruch is really stupid..

The things that happen in church is extraordinarily stupid and ignorant. Therefore, sex in a church is well at home. *winkie face*

Go to Hell

Saving our forests and all nature in general is a prime objective so if you folk can collect money for the cause, then good luck to you. After all, sex is natural and forests are natural and we're trying to preserve nature, so it all makes sense.

LOL I guess someone want just to become a media star...

You're promoting "less people = more trees" by having sex? Have you any idea just how backwards that is? Or do you lack even a basic understanding of how reproduction works?

Never heard about contraception Darwin ?

Well my friend, soon it will become the tertiary evils of Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

Please use html five - a sustainable open, free format rather than the closed, bread head evil that is flash. Then those of us that chose to use android rather than prop up the twin evils of Microsoft and Apple can join in the tantric goodness.

A very interesting concept...

There will always be people who try to take advantage of other people and try making money over their backs. Do not be disheartened Leona and just keep doing what you belief in. I really admire your work! And when I have more time in future I really want to help you all out in any way I can.

yes why no black men in any pics, and where is the girls don't they need to be here??

yes and more white women and young girls the younger the better to black men. What do you think.

I dont know if i may have misunderstood you. They just have to get part of fff... dont blame the project. btw a tribemember would not understand whats this all about... i guess none of them has an online live

Do you know that a phone is designed to talk to someone from long distance? So ... do you know that a brain is designed to think?
If you know, I invite you to delete your comment as you understood strictly nothing about fuck FOR forest project and your said are totally out of context.

As a White Anglo Saxon Protestant woman & corporate attorney married to a Hispanic GANGSTER Rapper musician with a shaved head & tattoos from Los Angeles California USA, the FUCK THE FOREST organization should UNDERSTAND that 55% of American Women & 71% of Mexicans or Hispanics in the United States voted for President Obama & the Democratic Party wanting CHANGE & moving the United States FORWARD in terms of the Social, Political & Economic Narrative. There are many White American Professional Women like myself & many others either dating or married to Mexican or Hispanic men in the United States where there are Half-White/Half-Mexican Children which the American Media & the American Society IGNORES!!! As a SEX RADICAL White American woman seeing the FUCK THE FOREST movie which was filmed in Latin America where ONLY White People between White men & White women having SEX with each other is disgusting. In fact, there should be Mexican or Hispanic men having SEX with White women to show the actual reality of what is going on in a Latin American country. Colombian & South American Pornstar Tony Montana is a perfect example of a Male Porn actor having SEX with White women in HARLEYWOOD 2 filmed in South Dakota with a Harley Davidson having SEX in the forest or LOS NOCHES DES COYOTES where Tony Montana had SEX with 2 White women in a Cave in Mexico. If the Porn Industry wants to show actuality & equality then FUCK THE FOREST on location should have those Porn Actors & Actresses come from that location.

Wendy you sound half retarded, what the fuck are you talking about?

Don't be too disheartened by Michel M's motives, after all there's no such thing as bad publicity. I discovered FFF after reading a review of the movie in the mainstream UK media, and I doubt I'm alone. Keep up the good work; more power to your genitals!

Good for you guys! Keep at it. I'm very tired of the absurd puritanical and religious dogma of my country which happens to be U.S.A. Although we're great in other areas, sexual openness isn't one of them.

Capitalism breeds capitalists, unfortunately. Fuck For Forest is awesome though, and Marzak can die an unsuccessful film-maker who tried to make fun of truth, beauty and love. Through the ages, no one who belittles the essentials outlives the essentials themselves. FFF absolutely IS those essentials.

Marczak, not Marzak. Get your facts straight before making any comments.
heads or tails, friendos?

Hi – I saw the premier of the documentary on your movement at a major Canadian festival, Hot Docs. Have you seen the film yet? I can't believe you write that the filmmaker hasn't shown you the final product… I'm afraid you will find it to be a documentary made in very bad taste. The filmmaker Michal Marzak is obviously revealing himself as being very, very manipulative – especially through the voice-over. The voice-over narration is the deep, calm voice of an older man, it sounds as if he is speaking about the naive adventures of a few silly children. The way this is done is condescending, patronizing, and belittling of your utopian ideals. In fact it makes a mockery of all your ideals. The filmmaker may not explicitly say this, but the way he made this film is very, very disrespectful to you.
After the premiere, there was a discussion with the director. He was very arrogant and unfriendly, and said a few pretty mean things about you guys. He admitted openly that he manipulated you, and also said that he had prepared a few tricks to make sure that you would not succeed in Brazil, so that he would have a more exciting movie.
Basically, Michal Marzak shamefully revealed himself to be everything a documentary filmmaker should not be: he is manipulative, highly subjective, and mean-spirited.

can u put the full movie here or any links ?

How can I take part?

Yeah? They need to come to the UK

Yeah! They need to come to the UK!!

Shaun, if FFF ever come to England I'm an more than willing to make a video to help save what little forest we have left! "such a good cause don't you think?"

Very true mate - it is a brilliant cause! I must admit you are a braver man than I! Not only to bare all but too be willing to have sex with some one you don't know!!

I think it would be great if the could come over here even if it's just for their british fans.

Will you be coming to England anytime soon? Xx

FFF i love what you are doing for the planet and believe this is such a good cause, that if it would be possible I would love to make a vidio with someone to help raise well needed money to help publishes the cause!

Love Daz xxx

We wanted to come to the Night of the Senses in London this weekend but we will not be able to. Hopefully we will have the chance another time, there is some magical places in England... maybe later in the summer...

If you are in London check out this nice event 17 may...

Leona, How can I help out over here in England? Xx

Leona, I would love to meet you guys when you are in England next time and I'm more than willing to help out if I can? Xx

It would be interesting to know who financed Marzak's project.

I think it's all donations?

When will the DVD be out in England?

Is this for real or just porn..........?

This link is no longer active :-(

So what's you problem??

I would give here one

Why don't you get a life??
This is a serious issue, it's all about saving our planet and if it takes people like the guys at FFF to get the message across then that's ok with me!

"So Why don't you get your kick somewhere else!"

Hi Leona,
I've been looking at your site and it says I can send photos but I would like to know how will they be used

Love xxx

Who else would help me make a video to help FFF ?

i like it... my bb pin 267ae4b6

What do you like najib? :)

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hello lovely Leona, i am happy to see your fff thing is still rolling down the road. i think it's a noble and Tommy started something new in the world.too bad the movie guy turned out to be a phony.
something new has happened in Canada this year as well.
it's called, "idle no more."
indigenous people and nature loving people are joining together to fight our government and their multinational corporate masters.

I just stumbled over this site and I think the concept is a FABULOUS idea!!!
Please keep the spirit up und do not let yourselves become disencouraged (does that word even exist, I'm not a native speaker...) by "challenges" like a dumb filmdirector and/or other problems. In the end what goes around comes around. Or: What you get is what you give.
Thank you so much not only for having such a good idea but also for realizing it!
And thank you for helping in saving the world.
(No kidding!)

Thank you both for doing what you do.
Not all film makers are like that Michael Marzak, I´m a camera woman, please don´t hate us.
What he did is so wrong, if I ever meet him, I´ll tell him that.
Keep up the good work!

"...filmmakers from Polen" - cmon, was that racist remark nessesary!


Ok Polen is still a country known to world as a place on this planet. I agree that it maybe is not right to define a person from the place they got born after the rules of the fucked up world. But I think they do not have a problem with it it is all over the net filmmakers from POLEN...

There is no countries no borders just in your mind RIGHT ?!

Sweet kisses
but will consider changing it.. also find it a bit waited...

thx for considering - same as i wouldn't call FFF as "film group from Norway", or even worse, like: "what do they know about the forest, they are only a film group from Norway"...

on the other hand, what's the CV of this Marzack: did he do films about the forest-industry in Poland, or cheap/capitalist porn movies, ... ?

film-makers and editors have a lot of power over representation (of others), which of course is problematic - that can be a dictator-like office.

looking onward to see the movie, tho!


hehe ;-) thanx for making this movie!
on the movie-desciption of the cinema it's announced to be free from 6 years on ..... i hope not ;-)

i find it typical for capitalist/industrial society to have places with only one function, that have limited access: school/university for learning, concert halls for music, malls for shopping, brothel for sex-shopping, smoking cells, ...

all these places are commercial = capitalist, single-purposed, culturally poor = they suck.

at the same time, public space is getting more and more sterile and lifeless, and also commercialised.

why do you want everyone to hide in their "sleeping-room" to have sex?

Why is it so important for you to have/show sex in the public? Why do you feel offended because you can only do it at home or in special places (clubs, brothels etc. = everywhere where one can decide if he wants to participate or not)?

Question at the people of Fuck for Forest: Will you be there at the Preview of the film at Freiluftkino Kreuzberg tomorrow night? And if you will be there: will there be a public discussion between you and the filmmakers afterwards? (Or later in KitKatClub?)

PS: I'm writing from Berlin, local date and time is already - different of the time stamp of your system - 10 Jun 2013, 6:51.

I met you guys in South America in Iquitos. I was & still am very much a supporter of you all & what you stand for. I am so sorry to hear Michael Marzak manipulated you in this way. Even so the publicity is good for you & will help raise awareness about your cause. I would love to see a future doco, made by your friends & allies so that your own perspectives can be shared with the world.

Please keep fighting for what you believe in & don't give up hope. You have many supporters & much impact to be made on the world.
You are all beautiful individuals & I hope to cross paths with you again in the future.


exacto, noto una paranoia de parte del grupo de FFF frente a lo que hizo el director del documental con la imagen de la agrupación. Es imposible, o por lo menos muy dificil, que los integrantes de esta ONG puedan realmente ver la película que se ha realizado. A mi parecer el director hizo un muy buen trabajo, la película es efectiva en generar empatia e interes por FFF, por los idealistas en general.
Michal Marczak es un maestro---
Exactly!, theres a little bit of paranoia in fff members, in relation with the representation of the filmmaker. Social Characters in documentaries cant see themselves in the way, we, as and audience, see them. I think theres nothing to worrie about it, The director made a great job, the film generates empathy and interest for FFF,for the idealist people in general, Michael Marczak is a master!

I watched the movie tonight in Kreuzberg and being somewhat sceptical about your philosophy before watching it, I believe that Michal Marzak actually convinced me of the beauty of your movement despite your claims to his hidden agenda.

Documentaries are never 100 percent honest, but I think that what is most important -and what will support your cause the most- is the fact that he has made a movie that is worth watching about a beautiful group of people. A movie that will actually be watched around the world by thousands of people and will gain you great numbers of supporters.

Although he might have portrayed some of you in the wrong light, it is a fact that such a movie (again, what I consider a documentary worth watching) will transfer directly into funding for FFF and for the world's forests.

I believe, that is a good thing?

I loved the film, and didn't find that it was intentionally negative towards the FFF organization. It seems like FFF is an incredibly difficult thing to capture on film, all the human energy and attempts to explore and ideals, and that is the problem with all documentaries. Of course, any ideals must meet with the difficult reality. It is important to explore our freedom, and try to do good along the way.

keep up the good work..I will donate, I have not seen the film and I dont care how this filmmakers present it. Because you do a great thing and speak the trouth and you have the courage to do it..and least not last..
You show great fantasie about sex,,love it

don't exoticize yourself, don't put yourself on a shelf. (here on the web, everyone is a controlled netizien)

and, more important: don't generalize! most "europeans" dont make porn movies to save some rain forest, most porn-actors dont save a single tree.

so i guess, the problem is another one.

So you talking that the director setup the Brazil trip. Ok I get this. But if you write:

"We wish to work with native people who still have a part of their nature honouring couture intact."

did you do some research? NATIVE PEOPLE?
You know we are in 2013 where NO TRIBE in the world is untouched by WEST WORLD IDEOLOGY. I'm from south America and even the last small tribes already are involved with the modern influence.

Do some research and maybe you find out the reality...

By the way nice try, nice promotion but is no time to wake up...

I don't know any INDIOS TRIBES that they would ever accept your money...


Hi sweet Indio!
I know indio tribes that are far less prude than you. Many of the Indio tribes still walk topless or even naked and have no problem with sex.

For sure there is not many almost non that are not in any contact with the outside world. Not all people from the western world are idiots and not all Indios are enlightened and live in harmony with nature.

So to say that all Indio tribes have a problem with accepting money from FFF is way to stupid. Actually what most Indio tribes have a problem is people that are laying and people wanting to take there culture and land and to earn money on it.

"We wish to work with native people who still have a part of their nature honouring couture intact."

This you could wish for or not?
Yes there is communities that still keep this culture even if they have been in contact with the outside world... not all want to live in the new capitalistic world...

Maybe before you start to complain make some research on what FFF actually are doing.

Incredible how nationalistic people still can be...

i will fuck with the girls too!!!


When poor families lived in very confined accommodation the church would round up all the children and take them to church for Sunday School, knowing that their parents needed intermit time on the own. The protesters need to learn the same respect for intimacy as the church has. Secondly when there is strong movement of the spirit it is like a sexual relationship with God.

I fuck God all the time!

Do the people who run this site ever respond to the comments on it?? O_o

Will they ever put more pictures up too! O_o

We sometimes do reply:) We have just so much to do right now. And we are a small group keeping the website up. We anyway love you all!

We sometimes do reply:) We have just so much to do right now. And we are a small group keeping the website up. We anyway love you all!

can i take part in one of your films? xxxxx

You people from FFF actually proof that even the nicest idea can be corrupted by ego and vanity. Could be helpful to look in the mirror sometime, and yes, sometimes its useful to think - instead of doing another alpha-male sports-fuck. As good as the idea may be, as nice the wish to safe nature - for inspiration it needs a little more then you do. Sometimes sex isn't the answer, but humility could be. Humility? You can google it...

I can imagine, what the film tells after having seen trailers and reports about it.

As a filmmaker myself I can tell that creating a documentary is always hard to balance since one needs a narrative that is compelling and makes people think. To be honest: Your group as presented in the film and on this website, inspires me a lot. The film tells some kind of tragedy. But that is the most important and best thing that could happen to you. Everyone who fights for his ideals is a tragic character. The need for fight and the need for ideals shows how fucked up the world is. In fact, you might not like the way the filmmaker presented you and other filmmakers might have done a different film, yet you are still heros to me! I adore your lifestyle and freedom. I hope, more people will liberate themselves and turn to a more natural behaviour. Creating trust by liberation and love for nature and each other is the only way to avoid selfdestruction.

We watched your movie yesterday! it's Great!very interesting idea!we wish prosperity to your project!
PS: hi from Krasnoyarsk, Russia!

Thanks all for your inspiring words! FuckForForest is cooler than the movie... but we are happy for you who enjoyed the adventure movie and you who joined FFF with your own sexy movies.

Hi Leona, I really want to help out by making a movie with you guys so if you are interested can you leave a message please!


Hi Leona, forgot to leave my email address.


como eu posso participar?

for sure it is,
FFF is an open stage for expressing your body and sexuality
in an non violent way :)

How can I watch the movie? Any download links?
Greatings from Ukraine!
PS Is there a place in your community for LGBT? )

Hi Leona & co,

I saw the film on a film market in February and it was sad... You are really more interesting than that movie. It's certainly a challenge to make a film about you and it's not a big shame to fail, but that's what happened to the makers of this film. Well - keep up the good work. Good thing you were able to write something about it here and not sound bitter.
Remember, it would be a miracle to make a film that would please you and us and still inspire people who cannot believe the fff ideas anyway... Long way to go.

Hope to work (play) with you again


nice that some of the girls here still have their pubic hair! its hot!
way to go!! nature over profit!!!

Make another one .. you have to be deeply part of the process if it is going be real in any way. Maybe I can help if you are willing to do it again.

i try to make a group Fuck-for-Food in Gelsenkirchen /Germany. We will send the receipts to aid organizations around the world and want to support children in the third world.

gl hf

Die Seite ist ein bissel langsam.
Sonst find ich's lustig und 'ne gute Idee.
Hab Euch auf Pro7 gesehen.
Wo kann man denn mal einen Geschäftsbericht sehen?

Nachdem ich soeben den Beitrag auf Pro 7 sah, stellt sich mir die Frage nach Eurer Konsequenz: Wer soll Euch ernst nehmen, wenn Ihr Hunde haltet? Füttert Ihr diese fleischlos und führt damit die eigene Argumentation ad absurdum, derzufolge Lebewesen (also auch wir Frugivoren) sich gemäss ihrer eigenen Natur ernähren sollten? Oder finanziert Ihr trotz Ablehnung weiterhin den Auftragsmord an ECHTEN Tieren? Die geforderte Selbstbestimmung der Tiere verkommt bei der Haltung von Rudeltieren ohnehin zur reinen Farce. Wenn solche selbsternannten Alpha-Tiere sich dann noch zum Anarchismus bekennen, ist die Realsatire perfekt.



Oh i Love you Sooo much i SAw the Film yesterday with "Schulz in the Box" it's Amazing ! But i'm very sad about Schulz didn't got nacked!

Do you use this?

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oh yeah suck my dick

Genau meine lebenseinstellung :-) :-) :-) kiffen ficken und seine meinung offen zur schau stellen :-) :-) :-) nur kann ich nicht so gut englisch .

Gratulation,habe Euch auch bei ???in the Box gesehen,bin stolz auf Euch ,das endlich mal jemand hier was tut..ICH WÄHLE EUCH,thank's a lot,macht weiter so,l.g. Iris

Disapointed. Watched a streamed version of this and couldn't fap to any scenes.

Nice project !!! Very good !!!

Ihr seid ganz schön Banane.
Ich find euch aber klasse.

Thats so great, i love the nature hot...

leona, i love you.......

Haha you re best :) i love this group <3 come in turkey i need fuck !

you rock
met you at the 1ooo crosses

hi,it may be a really beautiful idea.i am a student learn protecting the environment of our plant in china.our goals are the same,but the way may different.i hope you can make bigger different by you way.after all,we all need a beautiful green world,and we all need sex too.i need both of them,yeah!!

Sometimes a cunt should be fisted, other times it's better to rheem a women's arse. To do so on camera so everyone can masturbate is a beautiful thing. Although a raping scene involving the tribesman would have had it easier to shoot a load over my step moms breats.

People you all are so DISGUSTING!!!

Well guys you are making your hippie fantasy true, congratulations!!!
Have fun and please try not to spread deceases arround...

So you are lambasting the guy who made you famous? How many of us have only heard of you because of Marczak's (who is Marzak you refer to on your site by the way?) movie?
It's so typical of all these anarchist groups.

Well, you are not the one who have to deal with people thinking you are a kidnapper because of this lying movie. His movie hurt REAL people. Are there no ethics of documentary making? We are not actors. We have a real life to take care of, also outside FFF. Marczak (so sorry for misspelling his beautiful name) had nothing personal to loose by lying so badly - in a quite serious way. It was his freedom of expression. And I have the same freedom to express what I think about it. And I'm sorry you did not hear about FFF before, but we are a 10 years old project, and we did a lot this years. We also support 7 different ecological projects that do work out, and the scene with the natives in the end of the movie, is just a big setup from MR director. I would like to see you getting called a kidnaper and have to deal with that, and be happy about a movie promoting this worldwide. Maybe he meant it as a "joke", but many people do not get the joke and do not at all find it funny. So I have to deal with people being aggressive against me, for how long? The movie did not do anything more for FFF. We always had attention and members. The movie did make more people know about us, but personally it was not worth it. Sorry for telling the truth, something the movie do not.

i accept this idea

I have not seen the film but i can appreciate how betrayed you feel and that you have been mis-represented. I love your ethos and how you have expanded into openess and freedom. I can only hope you do not allow this film maker to overshadow your message. I was at the night of the senses and many other sexual oriented events and have always admired sexual freedom . Keep up the good work and hit me up if you get to the uk.
peace and light


I am from Poland too, and supposed that Michal obviously did (maybe under some pressure) some tricks to become known and to be awarded. (That is his philosophy of life). The God (however you name Him) will judge us anyway. I think also that he did it great - and multiply donations for FFF too for sure.
But what I want to say is that even before reading explanation above, the movie was showing an incredible inner strenght of your group to do SOMETHING GOOD your way. It was positive view at all. Don't give up! Every way to save the Nature without harming anybody is good! (Maybe exept gay stuff which is rather not natural - sorry:)

Yeah! Guy is not a part of mother nature! Lesbians also maybe exept this pretty ones ;)

Gay people is a blessing from mother nature. We live in a world with too high human population, and its growing every day. And there is too little love between humans. Love is love, also between same sex. So sexual love - without babies - is great for the planet and humanity, or?? So give gay people the right to adopt children easier!! Gay is also NATURAL!

Thank you for opening my eyes, that's obvious and true! Now I love gay people also, really. I never saw it that way. The Nature is self-defending force and spreading some deaseases (guy, cancers, mental etc) keeps this world running. Maybe more gay children also will protect the healthy part of civilization in the future. Bit egoistic and sad but we are only small grains of sand barerly scratching big wheels of eternal forces. PEACE and LOVE for ALL!!!

Hallo FFF-Team,
Very good homepage, i see you on tv with Mr.Schulz inside the box. The next step was, i visit your Website, and i think its greatfull for the nature ! Young boys and very sweet nice girls .... i wisch you many hards cooks and wet vaginas for the fight to capitalismus and destroy the forest...
Bye bye
Your new fan

Where can I see for free your films?

it is a good idear to fuck for the forest so we have more from the forest

You are all my favorite people. This is amazing!

bueno ami me gusto la movie una pena que a lo ultimo esos animales no aprendieran a balorar el trabajo de ustedes, aunque tambien el interprete de ustedes estava medio malo tradusiendo.. cuando les de con venir para ny me dejan saver para participar tambien, mucha suerte con su prollecto


culear es lo mejor y mas rico


Where can I see this movie? The one made for you?

fuck yea


No mames ponte a trabajar y deja de hacerte pendejo pensando que un día te pudieras coger a una de las que aquí salen

si que no mame y que mejor atienda su pinche casa si es que tiene

Wow esto esta fabuloso el quien tuvo la idea de crear una pagina que promueva el Sexo por lo Ecologico!!! es realmente estupendo. FFF ADELANTE DESDE MIAMI FL.

ive just got done watching the movie i loved it!
Its inspiring and loving and i would love to learn more about it&#128536;&#128536;&#128536;&#128139;&#128139; much love and sex too you guys and gals...

xoxoxo, Alexa Thompson

I just saw the documentary. I enjoyed it but sorry to hear about the problems, the ending was sad.

As a former documentary maker myself (film and stills) I hate to hear about things like the problems you had with the filmmaker.

I was surprised and happy to see Natty as I had photographed her at the anti-nude law protest in front of San Francisco city hall.

I have more photos if you would like to have them.

I love you guys, I feared you were a bit naive but I was impressed at reading about your successes in funding ecological endeavors. I wish you every success.


very good

I would like to say to you. As I saw ur homepage and film so I feel thats like hot nature which i Like. I have respect with you what you did:-)

fucking in forest may be very joyful

At least they do something, to help the nature.

This is the most fucking pathetic website I have ever come across just a bunch of hippies making shit porn in the forest wtf there is way more constructive ways u can go about saving the forest



hi sir. haha

Jackzy osq

Jackzy osq

Love it. How amazing is this. I will be joining in on this.


Why should we respect you...when you don't respect yourself and people around it nice that you go around naked in the city with kids and old people around?! is it nice that you f**k in a church and say that it is for a good movement... You people ruin the world more that many others...

you are a group off loosers , defenitly , and the movie expose exactly the low quality of people you are ! if you really wants to make a change on this planet , you most study, you most understand the real pshicology of the poor people , you most understand the social reality of the margin zones of the world, you most to now how growing food, and build a decent houses with local resources, and also very important ...speak spanish hahaha !!... you know something about that ????? . but the worst is you make the more stupid, buring and no sexy porn, that im see in my life ! confront you dont make nothing good even fuck ! ( maybe all you issues come from this ancapacity to feel a real pleasure of sex an love.

You are doing the right thing!

Good Work!

ATWA - Denmark

is this concept open also for bi activists?


This website needs a re-haul, and some representation in the USA! Who is with me? Anyone near NYC?


i hate fuckin bullshit

Un projet surprenant et intéressant mais qui va un peu loin tout de même alors que la description proposée par consoglobe laisser deviner un mouvement moins provocateur. Les relations sexuelles sur scène et dans les églises, je ne suis pas sûr de bien comprendre. Jene suis pas croyant mais le texte sur l'écologie humaine du Pape François montre bien que l'Eglise fait parti des soutiens possibles dans la lutte pour une nouvelle économie, une nouvelle façon de vivre écologique et durable.
Je sais qu'il est nécessaire de se faire entendre, de faire réagir les gens mais les "écolos" sont déjà tellement marginalisés.
Alors le porno écolo oui ! Montrer de vraies scènes de plaisir, de respect du corps, de la femme, de la nature, oui ! Mais le reste, je reste très sceptique.

por favor me ajudem,sou do brasil moro no ceara,capital fortaleza ,não aguento mais essa vida de stress,trabalho,trabalho,cidade barulhenta etc,vejo que vocês são alegre,divertidos,e sem preconceito gostaria de conhecer esta
comunidade e me libertar de uma vida solitária,monotona e sem alegria,tenho uma mente bem aberta e sempre quis conhecer comunidades que valorizam o que è natural e preza pela natureza.ajudem-me a fugir de uma rotina sufocada pelo capitalismo e o consumo exarcebado,por favor
meu nome è carlos sou funcinario público.

its better to fuck than to kill!

Fuck for everything you wonna fuck!
you are very cool.
kompliment from Saarlouis Germany

I love your work! It`s artsitic, innovativ, liberating and brave! Keep on going! Wish you Lot`s of love, peace and magic.

Re- the movie: Any publicity is good publicity! I didn't see it, but the guy who made it sounds like an idiot. But his publicity for the film brought me here, and thats a good thing... Keep on Fucking!

Last night, I watched the FuckForForest documentary on Netflix, and tried to understand your philosophy. I’m a geography graduate and interest in ecological activism, and see the Earth as a living organism, a seed in gestation, always evolving that will ultimately fructuate a universal super being (definitely not human as we have proven to be unworthy). Whether you and I like it or not, there are norms of decency ruling among myriad humans, which are inculcated by the present social contracts that keep borders among Nations and religions among peoples separated, contrary to being united and free. These barriers are difficult to overcome as they have taken millenniums to successfully root. For example, even in primitive societies, as the native people, you visited in the jungles of Brazil where you intended to purchase 800 hectares of their land for €30,000. They refused to sell. Why? Even they perceived you as a threat to the “innocence” of their children by “prostituting them.” In my opinion, they totally missed the message of your philosophy, despite the best efforts of your translator of trying to make them understand your goals. As for you in Berlin, and for them in Brazil, the common ill is the monetary system that continues deforesting the jungles and over harvesting the oceans for a profit. Mexico, as Brazil, is overwhelmingly Catholic, and they, too, might reject your philosophy, alas!

last year involved (zipolite) i would like vover to do it, how to contact them?

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