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21 Sep 2011 Express yourself, do it sexy!

So now the Demo is over :) In Berlin we where 21 friends and lovers, police protecting us and many tourists and strangers around us! Slowly we started, legally allowed from the police to be topless, at least something!

We had a lot of fun dancing half naked in the sun, it is so easy in Berlin to make demonstrations, thats so nice, you could do it everyday!

Maybe one day it will be allowed for everyone to be naked or wear whatever they want. In demonstrations in Germany it is forbidden to wear the same uniform while the police needs to be there, in uniforms. Why do we have so many strange laws? Hopefully one day love will be the only law.

We will update you about the demonstration in Oslo as soon the birds over there have internet, if you where somewhere else with the same cause, sent us photos and info!

Kisses & Love

Update from Oslo

Dany came on hour to late to the demonstration because the docuteam was stuck somewhere, at least thats how it sounded like,so he ended up alone outside the gorverment house in Oslo. I dont know what happened before, and what is after. Lets see


<3 it

I want to be in Berlin again :-)

gruss aus polen 21 sep in berlin gutes demo !rafael leszno polen

What a nice day to have a naked demo... loved it ! For a more free world.. starting with our body!

you guys are completely insane

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