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19 Sep 2011 Freedom of expressing our naked body!

Normalize the freedom to express our natural body!

We will meet: Wednesday 21. September – Berlin Neptunbrunnen/Alexanderplatz 15.00 and walk from there around Alexanderplatz to the Lustgarten! to gather and call for freedom!


Same time: Oslo - Storting

or worldwide where you make it!

Some people connected to are on the quest find out why it is illegal to be naked as we are naturally born. Our whole world has more or less serious issues with something as harmless as nudity and sexuality - while our whole planet needs more love.

What is ugly with the human body anyway? How can our bodies be offending? Why do many people feel fear and shame for something as natural as a naked body? If there is no danger with it, the prohibition of nudity seems to be a totally unnecessary rule - against our personal freedom.

Humans seem to fear even the peaceful parts of nature, outside and inside themselves. We forget we are a part of nature’s creation. The disconnection has manifested in the continuous destruction of the Earth.

Cloths should be for protection against cold weather, instead it has become censorship of something as harmless as our naked bodies.

It's not allowed to be topless for women, naked or have sex in public - while you can drive cars, go to the army or even torture animals and destroy nature for profit or entertainment.

Is there a possibility for change?

Who has the rights to choose if it is unmoral to be naked or not. In most places, to just show tits, if you are woman, would be forbidden. Who decides that we need to swim in cloth or make love in the bedroom? We should feel free to enjoy nature, in nature! Happily - moral changes through time, so lets be the change - and make it sexy!


nossa que é isso kkkkkkkkkkkkk

voor work,all for nature and freedom of choise

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Change reality with love & sexuality!