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Podcast Ep 22- Mai & Coup De Gras

So there was no Birthday Show last week. Why!!! We needed to have a quiet meditation inner birthday show for ourself. We were trying to find the source of our Bipolar Circle experience - while crossing out all the stuff we have already done before the final days of our common modern humans existence and experience. Well, we did not get to any conclusions. Still confused Scandinavians and FFF activists - now getting stronger when a new generation of Mexican FFF activists are entering the stage of erotic ecology. 

Mai - is a great friend, both personally and for FFF. She is visiting FFF and the Bipolar Circle studio - sharing her experience about studying psychology and FFF - to get a even more clear view on a extremely intense and overwhelming reality. 

She joins Leona and Tommy, FFF and Bipolar Circle - for the Coup De Gras Fest! This is a online anarchy Mardi Gras festival where we got invited to do FFF propaganda and education - after having a nice interview with Logan Maria about Anarchy and social/anti-social behaviour. 

All spiked up with the normal general paranoia - for education and evolution.

GlitterBomb:, Twitter: @MakhnoTits

Music: John Bellows - "FFF", Dr Sparkles - "Student in the 80's", Scout - "Little Children", et - "Children"

A protected tree in Slovakia

Due to the Corona the new activists that became "The activist of the month" had to wait very long to receive there certificate for a protected tree in Slovakia. All of you that are waiting, it is on its way. Mai received her 2 month after it got sent out.   

Project in Slovakia

Every first time activists of the month receive a protected tree in their name in Slovakia. The certificate get sent with the post from Slovakia. 

Activist of month January

The activist of the month January goes to Snapshots of Eirodite´s daily life

Coup de gras

FuckForForest on Coup de gras festival 

FuckForForest are very happy to have been able to take part of the Coup de gras online festival between 12-16 February 2021. Tommy, Leona & Mai representative from FuckForForest did 3 panels, a introduction to FuckForForest, creative genital photos and creative sex ed songs for children. 

Thank you Coup de gras for letting us take part. We will soon post the videos from the event on

More info on about this amazing festival and other people taking part in the festival.

Podcast Ep 21- Sexual trauma psychology

Sex is great! Still the subject of sexuality - also have dark sides. From societies stigmatisation of sex workers and sexual educators - to the reaction and expression of a sexually sick society - where abuse and sexual violence also is a real part of our complicated human experience. And sometimes life seems just too dark. 

So we got in touch with Erika Miley - who is a sexual psychologist working for sexual health and with people experiencing trauma. Tommy feels he is getting more mad by the day - and hopes his traumas finally can be explained in a rational and logical manner. Leona still acts sane - and pretends all is great. Is it possible to get mentally healthy - in a world that definitely is not that healthy? Can anyone be sane in a insane world? Or do we all need a therapist? 

All spiked up with real traumas and common confused ideas about how open sexual education and real sexual communication - could be the root of eliminating all sexual violence and violence in general. Or are we all just violent by nature? 

You need help in these dark days? Check out Erica and her sexual therapy:

Twitter: @MrsErikaMiley

Music: Smokey Hormel - He Calls That Religion, Tristan Dunster - Male Sexuality, The Womb - Giving Up Drugs, The Womb - Living With A Violent Woman, Itamar Ziegler - Ode To Nature, Attic Ted - Unprotected Sex, Textile Audio - Narcissus Bloom & the Rape of the Pomegranate

FFF / Coup de gras

We are now getting prepared for taking part in COUP DE GRAS free online festival with presentation and workshops. If lucky we will also manage to show the new FuckForForest movie about our first 3 years. Still not 100% sure we will make the performance or not. Will update in few days. (

Podcast Ep 19 - Patriarchy

So in the deep search for new hope at the edge of our planets existence - we agains ask help from people who study human behaviour and psychology - hopefully to find the roots to all our problems. Could patriarchy be the fundament of all our suffering? Macho men with penis envy - who aggressively holds all of humanity down - with their evil patriarchic fist of power? Or are woman really the snake of temptation and damnation? Fuck this!

It seems we all suck in different and beautifully diverse ways. So Leona and Tommy found a beautiful soul - Maria Danni - who study Gestalt Therapy with focus on how Patriarchy can destroy our consensual development of real sexual understanding. Is patriarchy one of the fundamental power structures that violently needs to be brought down to earth - where it can rotten together with all our other dreams and ideas about unity and freedom? As alway  your fragile Scandinavians are confused. 

All spiked up - with some real fear for strong modern woman, a lot of judgment - and a poor mans story - about loosing his mind to the illusion of love and embarrassing patriarchic genetic karma. May God help us!

Check out the projects of Maria Danni.


I Feel Tractor - "Oligarch Or Patriarch", Red Crickets - "Free Love", Tinyfolk - "Lonely"

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