Podcast Ep 28 - Here comes the Eco Sexuals!

So what is inspiration? Could be positive or negative? The right inspiration for the right time - could change your life forever! And so it did - when Leona & Tommy first met Annie Sprinkle on the "Her story of porn" event she did in Oslo, Norway 2003.

We had to fight ourselves past angry anti porn activists and a show promoter who was believing we were part of the ANTI porn resistance! We were there to learn, and we did. This show helped us a lot - to create the early ideas about fuck for forest, eco porn AND EcoSexuality.

Since then, Annie started her own Eco Sexual movement together with her beautiful partner Beth Stephens - who is a doctor in art, and also a activist and artist. Annie is a doctor in human sexuality and also a performance artist and activist.

So what is Eco Sexuality? And why did fuck for forest never get to be a real part of this growing movement? To childish, dirty and uncommercial driven? Or just stupid young people - who did not know how to get better organized and connect to their real family?

So many questions - and some will get answered, when we finally get Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens in our Bipolar circle studio - to talk about Eco Sexuality. performance art and life in general.

We got inspired by the work of Annie, and this later turned around to inspire her and Beth to start the academic artistic eco sexual moment. Inspiration can be so much. Can we get YOU ready and inspired for a true erotic riot? 

Chack out the projects of Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens!

Annie Sprinkle
Beth Stephens

Twitter @anniesprinkle

Music: Plushgoolash - Happy Birthday to Your Mother, The Womb - Dirty Weekend, Kathleen Martin - Beyond the Planet of Doughy White Middle-aged Men Is a Major C Change in a Chord with Mother Earth, Flaming Fire - Water Privitization Man, Vernon Dalhart - The Alcoholic Blues, Two Prong - Earth

Margo st. James

We got invited to make a tribute video to Margo St James. To be honest I did not know who she was before. After making some research, I found her to be one of our heros of our time. Working for human rights and prostitutes rights. Very happy and honored to be asked to be part of this event and to make a small tribute video for her memory. If you like to know more about this amazing woman look on this tribute video and learn and get amazed. Our tribute video is also part. 

Podcast ep 27 - Woman Who Buy Sex

So welcome once more to the bipolar circle and the Birthday Show. No oh, its now the RebirthDay show! - honouring the constant reborn moments of "now". So whats up for our first RebirthDay Show? 

What is human values? What is capitalism? And what is buying sex all about? It is gender based? It is only for old lonely or creepy guys who never got fucked? Or are some people searching different values and services - in a stress full vastly lonely modern world? What is ok to pay for? What not? We pay for water. So why not for sex? And why is it only men buying sex? Those male abusing perverts! 

Maybe it is more about economic independence than gender?

So we got in touch with

Sarah Kingston who is a Professor of Criminal Justice and Policing at the School of Forensic and Applied Sciences, University of Central Lancashire. Her research focuses primarily around gender, sexuality, sexual offence and sex work.  


Natalie Hammond who is a sociologist and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Care and Social Work, Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research interests focus around sex work, sexual health, gender and technology.

They have both done their research on women that buy sex and wrote a book about this. Yes, really? And why do we really have to ask really? What has the program of values done to our tiny and fragile human minds?

All spiked up with values, ideas and philosophies - that would hurry you to the streets to sell your body - TODAY!

Please check out their great book on the subject!

Music: Plushgoolash - "Why Do Women Exist", The Womb - "Sex Got In The Way", Marshall Scott Warner - 100,000 Women Can't Be Wrong (Live @ KEXP), Lee Maddeford - "Women just like you"

Margo st. James

Another freedom fighter dead! Take part in her celebration of life on the 1 may in this online festival.

Podcast ep 26 - Sex work

Cant buy me looooove? Still we CAN buy sex. Maybe love comes after? Still it might be not legal and it will make you a criminal for following your deep natural urges - with some money in your pocket. Can working to sell sex be a good job? Its the oldest profession in the world, so maybe its the best work also?

We contacted a professional sex worker to hear about this exciting work. Her name is Aubrie. She is a independent sex worker with a free consciousness who made the conclusion - that this is the best work for her. Can it really be that easy?

Tommy is concerned about that it may seem that the value of female bodies always will be a lot easier to sell on the great SEX marked than his sad male appearance. Leona still got it. So can Tommy really rely on a future as a sex worker?

All spiked up with bordello fever and prostituted toughest - about a world with many values. 

Visit the Twitter of Aubrie - and make a sexy date in Canada!


Music: Bad Ronald - "Sex Toy", The Underscore Orkestra - "Devil with the Devil", Mink Lungs - "Sensual Pleasure", The Underscore Orkestra - "Magdalena"

Podcast ep 25 - Asexuality

Horny all the time. All day long. Can be tiering? So what is asexuality all about? It is possible to be in a love relationship - without having any sexual attraction what so ever to each other? What is a relationship really - and what is love? As always your fragile Scandinavians are confused. Can we learn to be asexual? 

So we found an expert on asexuality. Her name is Sandra Bellamy (AKA Asexualise) Author of Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories. She has written books to inform people about the love life of asexual people - and even made a asexual guide to sex! Amazing how diversity of desire - can tell us even more exciting details about the human condition. And is Tommy really asexual. Or just human disgusted? Lets find out!

All spiked up with some failed attempts to make a asexual person - do the great sacrifice - and help fuck for forest! 

Music: The Bomb Busters - "Good To Be Alone", The Womb - "Flirting On Your Deathbed", Noiserv - "Dance"

The Bomb Busters - "Passion"

Art - No Sexual content

29.03.2021 FuckForForest took part in a online festival but with restrictions :"We can not show full nudity, sexual acts, political activity, violence, and any kind of sexually explicit or offensive content during a live stream. Having that in mind, you could maybe do a live performance respecting those limits." So this is the result...

Online art festival

FuckForForest will take part in an online art festival on the 29 March. More info in a few days...

But we got restrictions: "We can not show full nudity, sexual acts, political activity, violence, and any kind of sexually explicit or offensive content during a live stream. Having that in mind, you could maybe do a live performance respecting those limits."

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