Podcast Ep 4

Leona & Tommy from FFF is inviting to the Birthday Show - our close friends and FuckForForest family!

Super Cunt - body worker, sexual liberator and life creator.

Tri - psychedelic doom metal/Eco porn star - and graphic artist.

Super Cunt explains orgasmic birth and body work and Tri tells the mystical secrets about - how it is to play psychedelic doom metal - in a time of social distancing.

All spiced up with common abstract experiences with life, family and FFF.

Check out Tri and his doom metal bands - and his super cool psychedelic artworks here:

Best Feature Doc Winner!

Grünes blatt

We know that 28 % of all FuckForForest members are from Germany. So for you german speaking people out there. On this page you can find interview with FuckForForest for the GRÜNES BLATT.

FFF movie shown in Portugal

If you happen to be in Lisbon on the 20 October. You can see the new FuckForForest movie on there monthly movie event.   

Podcast Ep 3

Tommy and Leona from the Erotic Ecological Project is creating their first "pilot" podcast.

Talking about all the joy and complications of human attachments and addictions.

Tommy share a "self rehab" experience - while trying to figure our the meaning of life and addictions - and why it is part of our addictive human behavior and culture.

All spiced up with some failing attempts - to not take life too serious. 

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Instruction to how you can become an sexy eco activist on FuckForForest

Podcast Ep 2

Leona & Tommy from the erotic ecological project invites fiends - and chat about their ecological project  "La Manzana Podrida" - in Oaxaca Mexico.

Pecado - artist and FFF activist, and Fin - modern society dropout and multimedia artist - talks about why they choose to help FFF, or just egocentrically trying to escape a sneaking doomsday reality.  All spiced up with some random facts and lies.

Are we focused?

Are we focused?

There is many important issues to change in this world. Sexism, fascism, racism is all important subjects. Still do we have time to care about this now?

Our common planet is dying because of our spices destructive behavior! Until now, we have made more animals extinct than what happened when the dinosaurs diapered - and we will kill us all.

Rich, poor, racists, anti racists, fascists, Antifa, Men, Woman ,Gay, Transsexual, or Transanimal - you will all die the same - TOGETHER! Then NO life matters.

Nature do not care a shit about your self created differences and human stupidity. It is the end of all political differences. If the building was on fire I think even a racist would help a person with another skin tone than him/herself.

Woman and children first! We are all on the same boat, and the boat is sinking. Could we forget, for some time, all our human differences and join in what we all have in common? The need for clean air, water and a intact ecosystem? In the end we are ALL humans. And our planet is dying.

If we fix our planet, we can fast happily go back to fighting each other about our differences once more. But now we need unified action from ALL of us!

Do we have time to care about anything else? If you just care about simple politics or self identification and do not do anything for nature and our planet - you are now just a human egocentric extinctionist!

Stop extinctionism NOW!

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