Life goes on

I was wrong about the quarantine soon being over for us.

We just found out that all towns are again closed down. They have found some case of the virus in a town close by. We still have internet so that we can upload photos and videos. Leona will try to make a live show in a  few days, to see if it fast enough to do it on regular bases again. Date will be posted in short.  

Activist of the month March on FuckForForest goes to:


For there Photos and videos

Now there will again be more updates as long as they do not cut our internet. Maybe even get some kind of live shows up and running again.


Quarantine soon over

We are getting closer to our second full month of quarantine. What this small town did was a bit over the line to what is legal in Mexico. There was no way to complain as it was still better and cheaper to stay putt, than get kicked out or putt in jail. It was also kind of nice to not have to stress with going to big city and just be home and work in our gardens. Now things are opening up and the barricades and control points are opening up to the towns around again. Sadly that also made way to the timber cutters and we now have to listen to truck after truck transporting out timber from the forest around where we are living. So sad. 

Even if humans stopped a lot of air traveling the corona virus took the focus away from what is going on around the world. The Virus did not stop the exploitation of the forest around the world. I read news every day about massive cuttings of forest all around the world. Most people are to bussy with there on quarantine and virus situation to look to see what is happening in the other direction. 

We have now finally got back Internet in our small hide out space. Not amazingly fast but ok fast. As it is very cold there now and the rainy times have returned to the mountains. Leona is now again working on building up a small cave with blankets and madrass and so on there. So that she will be able to be live again and stay there a couple of days each week to work on updates and photos and videos. (This is how it looks now with no heating and no blankets and cosy place, not very FFF.)

But the cold do make the nipples harder faster :)

Qarantine goes on

First a big thanks to Astrolabios for there sexy contribution and support to FuckForForest. You can see there interview they made for FuckForForest using this link. (If you are not already a member on FuckForForest you have to see the not as sexy video using this link.)

We now survived our first month in quarantine,no one needed to sacrifice there life for us to survive. We are all healthy and alive.  We have had some sunny days and Leona is trying to work from her phone, a new challenge for a no phone user.

Sadly the internet repair guys did not mange to get up to the topp of this mountain before today. They now located the problem and will return in few days, what ever that could mean. But they gave me a tempry internet connection fast enough to replay e.mails. If you did write me during the last weeks, you will soon receive a replay. 

There will also be more updates in few days.


As you might have understood is that Leona that latly been taking care of the administrative part of FFF got quarantined on a Mexico mountain. With no access to internet except from the phone on sunny day. It have been hard for her to get back to peoples emails or do live shows. The quarantine will last until 30 April. Then they will make a new disition and most likely  prelong it. Leona are lucky to be stuck on a farm and not in the city. But there is a lot to do to prevent canabalism. As there no longer are any roads open there is no more access to big citys with shops. There for every body on the farm are trying to make gardens a learning how to store fruits and vegetables for longer time. The good things with this quarantine is that we no longer hear chainsaws or timber trucks driving out wood from the forest around.

From FFF Berlin

Yesterday I had a talk to Supercunt on the phone. She is currently doing good and are full of great ideas for the future FFF in Berlin. Sadly all great ideas are on hold as Corona virus time are not a great time to make sexy happenings. For you that have been waiting, like me to see the photos from the FFF party that Supercunt organized in Berlin. They will get posted very soon, with stories about the party and future ideas. 

Thanks Supercunt & friends

From FFF social media...

Lost emails found again

We are now looking over the emails and will get back to every one that contacted FuckForForest during the last years.
We are sorry that it took so long time to get back to many of you. We are few people that are taking care of the administrative part of this project and there have been to many emails.
Important emails from future activists, Inspiring emails, emails from members, love letters from fans, hate letters, applications for founds for ecological project and many more.
We are happy for your support and inspiration.

Winner February

There was no winner in January 2020

Winner in best FFF activist, February 2020 is Leona

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