From FFF Berlin

Yesterday I had a talk to Supercunt on the phone. She is currently doing good and are full of great ideas for the future FFF in Berlin. Sadly all great ideas are on hold as Corona virus time are not a great time to make sexy happenings. For you that have been waiting, like me to see the photos from the FFF party that Supercunt organized in Berlin. They will get posted very soon, with stories about the party and future ideas. 

Thanks Supercunt & friends

From FFF social media...

Lost emails found again

We are now looking over the emails and will get back to every one that contacted FuckForForest during the last years.
We are sorry that it took so long time to get back to many of you. We are few people that are taking care of the administrative part of this project and there have been to many emails.
Important emails from future activists, Inspiring emails, emails from members, love letters from fans, hate letters, applications for founds for ecological project and many more.
We are happy for your support and inspiration.

Winner February

There was no winner in January 2020

Winner in best FFF activist, February 2020 is Leona

Every month on FuckForForest member pages the most active activist become the winner. In the end of the year or when enough money collected the activist that was most active will be a able to pick an ecological project and donate away the collected money to. 

Response to comment

FuckForForest got this comment on the 03.02.2020 on the blog "Naked introduction"

I felt FuckForForest needed to answer this as we want every one to feel welcome to join FuckForForest as an activist. 

FuckForForest is not working like a normal porn web page and should not get mixed together with a normal porn webpage. We are not even a alternative porn webpage.

FuckForForest is a webpage / activist group with activist from all around the world. 

FuckForForest do not pay anyone to make naked or sex photos!

FuckForForest can not direct or decide what kind of content that get published. The people are responsible what get published. It could be you, your friend any one.

Everyone is welcome to help FuckForForest, no one excluded!

FuckForForest do not want to discriminating any one. The only thing we need to know for you to become a activist on FuckForForest is that you are over 18 and that you truly want your photos on FuckForForest webpages.

I also hope that FuckForForest in the future will have more diversity and show a bigger picture of the world. Hopping that the community of activists will grow and share there views of sexuality on FuckForForest webpages.

Be a place for every one to feel free to express them self !

Love - Leona


Name: Julie


Hi both of you ;-) it is nice to hear from you. May I suggest something? since, will live in a fuck world, but we still trying to be happy, I wanted to know why you never had some pics or vids of trans-women. Everybody trying to get out of the closet, queer heterosexual, Homo, Guay lesbian, FFF should show that diversity ;-)

Well, this was my point of view and only a suggestion.  You are doing a fantastic job as eco-sex preservation of our beautiful nature...long live to FFF

Love ya all XXX

Party Berlin

Big thanks to SuperCunt for organizing a FuckForForest party
in Berlin on the 22/02-2020 
 Looking forward to find out what happened there!


Published on the 22.01.2020

Interview with FuckForForest

There was also an interview with Tuppy Owens, a dear friend of FuckForForest

Interview with Tuppy Owens and her work with sexual liberation and her foundation collecting money to help disabled to have a better sexlife.

FFF Berlin - party

FuckForForest-Party Berlin
DJ Koshka & DJ Puro Fuego
Location: Follow signs from Spreewaldplatz bus station
opening 22.00
More info

If you like to help with organizing or have ideas contact:

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