Podcast 18 - Astrology with Dylan

Why do we sometimes feel we are in the flow and sometimes not? Why are some people more lucky than others? Do the stars and planets have anything to do with it? If we knew how it worked we could use or abuse this powers - to become the master of the universe - and eventually get fucked by all the most sexy people in the world. Cool! But how does it work? Leona and Tommy wish to find out what is behind the mysteries of the stars, planetary systems - and astrology.

So the planets was in the right orbit and our lucky star was shining bright - and hocus pocus, abrakadabra - Dylan Lorenço magically appeared in our physical studio. Not the cyber world we usually throw our shaky and confused consciousness into - but the real physical reality - our mountain cowboy town studio!

He is writing a book about astrology - where he explore with inspiration from Carl Jung, symbolism and psychology - as a directly connected to the symbolism of the universe. Could it be - or is this just another way for hippies who could not handle their drug - to continue to think that their life make any more sense than any others? Or have we just all lost connection to the true voice of nature?

All spiked up with eyes full of stars, planetary consciousness - and some looong space rock tunes. For full unity or total damnation - may the universe guide you!

Check out his book project:

Podcast Ep17 - Motern Media

Can we really express what ever we want? Even if it stinks? And is there something with our body that is too obscene and controversial to express? And what is toilet humour anyway?

Matt Farley from "Motern Media" is in our Bipolar Circle studio to share his ideas on creative song writing - and free expressions. Matt Farley has made great fame and a good living - on making song about puke, poop and pee. He is also touching many other important subjects of the human condition - in his great work with over 21.000 recorded songs about - well everything - except from sex and genitals. He consider butt and poop as accepted words, that is also considered child friendly. Still some body parts and bodily functions seems too controversial to even sing about. So why this censorship of important body activities - while other more stinky ones are ok to express - even to children? The mystery of our body continues!

All spiked up with some great artistic attempts by Leona and Tommy to write body conscious song lyrics - and A LOT of silly, enlightening and smelly folk music from Matt Farley. Songs that will keep you inspired for the bright new future - full of poop.

Please support Motern Media day! Check out the great song projects of Matt Farley - and write hime a letter:

Twitter: @MoternMedia

Matt Farley, PO BOX 271, Danvers, MA 01923

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events that FuckForForest will take part in.
4 FEB- Scream Queer film festival - Italy ( )
12- 16 FEB - Coup the gras - annual anarchist Mardi Gras - online event. ( )

Podcast Ep 16 - Thimble - Femdom

What is femdom? Many humans out there like to get spanked, controlled or even be verbally abused in bed. They do not just like it - the LOVE it and it makes them horny!

So we invited "Thimble" to our studio. Thimble is a expert on femdom and have a book project focusing on femdom and SM. Femdom is about getting excited - when being dominated by a woman. Tommy is afraid and Leona is interested. And why are Thimble afraid of using his real name? Is spanking wrong? Or is it morally unacceptable to be controlled by woman?

Living in this vastly controlled society - we wonder - why are SM people not constantly horny - under the constant sweet suppression of politicians, police and moral suppressive norms? 

All spiked up with some smack smack and real unconscious fear - for big strong  modern women.

Check thimble and out his books and projects!

Twitter: @Luck22Hard

Intro Song: The_Axemen - Be My Slave + Outro Song: Maltsev_Anton - The Slave Number Two Do you want to be our slave?

Podcast Ep 15

What is Bipolar Circle and The Birthday Show - really all about? We are trying to get educated - and if we are so lucky to entertain you at the same time - we would feel like Gods - in the world of substitutional activities. Still it is not so easy to be funny in this darkly twisted and sadistic real "reality". 

So Leona & Tommy got in touch with a real comedian who hopefully will guide them towards making more sweet fun about life. Should we take life less serious, or even more serious - and what would be more funny??

Maybe Jason Gillearn - who is a real comedian, performing on events like the legendary comedy store, can help us get some FAITH? He has also written a book about tasteless tweets, from the real comedy platform of digital social media. Can he make us laugh? Or at least smile? Its been a while....

All spiked up with a Birthday Show that suddenly seem to be more about Leona & Tommy and their perverted ideas - about sex and relationships. Boring and not funny at all. We need to suffer. Is suffering the fundament of comedy?

Check out the comedy of Jason Gillearn:

Twitter: @jasongillearn

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