Some photos from me naked in the flowers just around where I am staying. This is a nice day in the sun in Mexico. To the contrast to the life in Mexico where money corrupting people all around us. The only thing that seams to be able to fight money are moral and ethics. Animals, humans and trees all seams to have a price in Mexico…

Colina do Sol (Hill of the Sun)

The Colina do Sol is a naturist condominium located in the municipality of Taquara, located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. At Colina do Sol there are residents, however these allow camping in tents, there is a hostel, the possibility of renting a chalet and at the moment it is also being reactivated a hotel. There is plenty of green space, a beautiful artificial beach and the possibility of practicing naturism (social nudism, not eroticized). Worth knowing!!! Location of Taquara, in southern Brazil. see

For Leona!

La Manzana Podrida ?

Little bit of research about what La Manzana Podrida is and about the founders of this project. Part 1. introduction


Much sperm, for peace, who fucks, does not fight ;-)

On the massage futon.

A brief moment of horny on the massage futon.

Welcome back

Welcome back to fuckforforest now with internet.

Live- Gardening

From last live show with Leona on making baby plants and earth showers to stay happy in a fucked up world. (We tried to make a live show once a week but we having problem with the internet connection. If our internet get better we can make more and better live shows.)

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