Zapatistas- woman meeting

FuckForForest are proud about Melodia that went alone to the woman meeting organized by the Zapatistas in Mexico representing FuckForForest.
She was invited to speak about FuckForForest on the meeting.

After her speech she even got an approval that she was allowed to make photos from people that wanted to support FuckForForest inside the area. 
Maybe a new future of FuckForForest are born !
Woman taking over and showing sexuality from another angle. 

Searching for activists !

To all conscious erotic angels (and demons) and lovers of nature - needs your help!


FFF is a project collecting money to protect nature while showing that porn and body/sexual liberation also can be giving - not only commercial. In this world everything have a price. But what is the price of empathy for our planet ?


I Leona - have together with my lover and friend Tommy, been part of founding and running FFF for almost 15 years. FuckForForest collects money that is donated to ecological projects in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Slovakia.


To enter member pages and see every erotic nature activist, you need to give a donation of minimum 10€ a month.  Or you can donate naked or sex photos from yourself and get free access - while helping FFF to create awareness and reconnection to nature. This is how we been collecting money for the ecological projects we support the last 15 years.


Most of the “models” / activists on the FFF website are our friends and lovers and supporters we met on our journey who helped FFF on voluntary basis.


We now work to develop an ecological cultural center and no longer have time to constantly hunt for new people to keep the website living and attractive.


That is why we now reach out to other erotic performers and activists who care about nature reconnection and liberation. We also wish to get in touch with others who work with sex and body liberation in different ways, to also educate about humanity’s divers and divided views on nature and sexuality.


We are searching people who do not have a problem sharing their naked or sexual photos or videos on the member pages on a regularly basis, write blogs about their ideas on sex and nudity.

If you are make commercial porn, please think about to also give a small amount of your sexual energy to nature protection. Make some photos or a video with you phone, totally unprofessional, or express your ideas about nature and sexuality in your way. You can also promote your own projects!

FFF is a good stage to share ideas about sexuality something the normal erotic industry fails to include. Help us to show the giving side of eroticism also! We are also happy for recycled material if you are an erotic producer.

Please help us show that erotic performers and producers also care - and that sexuality is not just about commercial interests and feeding our ego ! 

If you are interested, please contact me and I will sett up an account for you from where you can upload your photos and videos and write blogs directly on member pages. Create your own profile and promote yourself and your ideas, Contact me on or just write me directly on twitter. 

Social Media

As FuckForForest are NOT totally into social media as it most likely are part of the big brain washing program.

I would recommend every one to dropp the phone and move to the country side as soon as possible. Start educate yourself how to be self sustainable. Yes it is not that easy and yes it some work. But so is having a normal jobb and earning money so that you can buy your food.

But you no longer have to be part of  a self destructive society. Only support what is good for this planet.

I have been told all my life that every thing can be used for good or bad. We will see how we can use this form of media for some thing good or at leased not bad.
FuckForForest will post news when photos and videos get uploaded. Teasers from when we meet new people making some new sexy photos. We will also make small inteam erotic shows.  (mainly Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram as they are a bit more liberal when it comes to nudity and sexuality)

To find FuckForForest on
SnapChat: fuckforforest6

Niñxs perdixs:

Niñxs perdixs dejen de llorar por su hogar en llamas
Dejen de quejarse por todo lo que les arrebataron antes de nacer
Y por todo lo que hace parte y no, de sus abstractas existencias
“ODIAMOS” la ciudad, ¿pero cuando correremos al bosque? 
Sufrimos la desconexión de otrxs y de nosotrxs mismxs 
Pero no cambiamos las prácticas para re unificar la comuna
Niñxs perdidxs corran al bosque y no vuelvan sin encontrarse,
Niñxs perdidxs tenemos la rabia, las garras y los dientes ¿qué esperamos?
¿Cuánto tiempo más lloraremos sentadxs junto a las cadenas?
En la ciudad no hay ojos que comuniquen, que se encuentren,
Que compartan sin una referencia previa que avise que el otro que soy yo mismx, no es peligrosx. 
En la ciudad no hay lugares para el amor comunitario, abierto, sincero, incondicional, gratuito.
¿cómo puedo amarme sin amar a otrxs?
¿cómo puedo amar a otrxs sin amarme?
¿cómo podemos amar-nos sin reconocernos?
¿cómo podemos vivir sin amor?
Griten estas preguntas y las grandes ciudades 
Les cobraran el eco, sin dar respuesta.
Tienen derecho a estar dolidos, pero no a solo lamentarse con ruido, destilados y fermentos como paliativos temporales para no sentir la náusea, pero aun así vomitar el asco de una vida no vivida.
Una realidad no real.
Dejemos de amenazar lloronamente que “robaremos” nuestra vida
A ver si alguien contesta a nuestras lamentables e inútiles manipulaciones de adolescentes depresivxs, que solo quieren atención y reconocimiento a lo diferentes que son de otrxs diferentes.
Huyan de la ciudad o acepten que no son niñxs
Porque lxs niñxs juegan, experimentan, crean y se divierten.


Some photos from me naked in the flowers just around where I am staying. This is a nice day in the sun in Mexico. To the contrast to the life in Mexico where money corrupting people all around us. The only thing that seams to be able to fight money are moral and ethics. Animals, humans and trees all seams to have a price in Mexico…

Colina do Sol (Hill of the Sun)

The Colina do Sol is a naturist condominium located in the municipality of Taquara, located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. At Colina do Sol there are residents, however these allow camping in tents, there is a hostel, the possibility of renting a chalet and at the moment it is also being reactivated a hotel. There is plenty of green space, a beautiful artificial beach and the possibility of practicing naturism (social nudism, not eroticized). Worth knowing!!! Location of Taquara, in southern Brazil. see

For Leona!

La Manzana Podrida ?

Little bit of research about what La Manzana Podrida is and about the founders of this project. Part 1. introduction

Welcome to the new webpage. 

We hope it now will be easier for you to find information and to sign up. After FuckForForest was almost dead for a year it’s now been resurrected again in creativity and inspiration to keep on living.

Don’t worry, even if human time on Planet Earth is heading towards its end. FuckForForest will be there with you, entertaining you during these times of horror. As long the internet is working we will keep on reporting with sexy images and news from around the world.

We’ll show you the beauty of life while the world is on fire. Please become a member of FuckForForest today - signing up tomorrow could already be too late.

Your donation will get used on ecological projects and in return for your donation you will get access to a lot of sexy nature loving horny activists.

We’ve just changed the whole system so if you experience any trouble please let us know.

If you already have made photos but no longer have a working password to access the member pages, write and she will help you out.

If you have photos that you would like to donate to FuckForForest, please also contact for more information.

Don’t be shy, the world is doomed to crash and us with it. Why care about the double standard society we are forced to live in. This could be your chance to create something different!