Hi! As I use to say: I am Christofer Döss, the Swedish sexual exhibitionist aka the life enjoying bisexual nude model nakencrille. I sooo love being naked in the woods and in other outdoor places. The more public the better. My most awesome moments in life - apart from having sex - is when I can be naked in nature, walking around as it would be the most natural thing to do (and off course it is). The more public place the better, but strolling along forest tracks is totally fine as well. The absolutely most awesome nude walk I performed was walking downtown, though, totally naked for at least 45-60 minutes, one night last summer! This summer has really been awesome too with so many opportunities to stay nekkid outdoors! Opportunities that I also took, so this is the best nude summer ever, at least for me. Best regards /Chrisse PS. I work as an art nude model.