Hi again!

I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity of being a member of this awesome project!

Matter of fact I think this is the best website I have ever enlisted myself on - and I am on hundred, if not thousands of sex websites.

It is not only the website itself, even if I love being here and love all the awesome photos here. It is the mentality of the group and the whole idea behind it. Sex and forests (nature). 

This is not just another nudist or naturist website where people show themselves walking around naked on the beach having fun playing games together or making dinner at home in the nude. No, this is a whole new level! 

Here on FFF we do as I do and live at home in Sweden. Being naked all the time (as much as possible), just to be able to include sex whenever we want, can and like, with others and with ourselves. Sex and nudity goes hand in hand, sort of say - something nudists and naturists rejects and even tries to counteract.

The only thing I wish, is that we could be more Swedish members here so we could meet and have fun together, dont you think! 

I have a lot of Swedish online friends who also likes to be naked in public nature having sex and showing off, but unfortunately we are scattered all across the country - and Sweden is a looong country - so no meeting yet there. If we could unite, for example here, in a Swedish Fuck For Forest branch it would be much better I think, for all of us FFF:ers.

Keep up the good work!

/Christofer Döss Sex Exhib

Fuck For Forest