As FuckForForest are NOT totally into social media as it most likely are part of the big brain washing program.

I would recommend every one to dropp the phone and move to the country side as soon as possible. Start educate yourself how to be self sustainable. Yes it is not that easy and yes it some work. But so is having a normal jobb and earning money so that you can buy your food.

But you no longer have to be part of  a self destructive society. Only support what is good for this planet.

I have been told all my life that every thing can be used for good or bad. We will see how we can use this form of media for some thing good or at leased not bad.
FuckForForest will post news when photos and videos get uploaded. Teasers from when we meet new people making some new sexy photos. We will also make small inteam erotic shows.  (mainly Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram as they are a bit more liberal when it comes to nudity and sexuality)

To find FuckForForest on
SnapChat: fuckforforest6