Wildclimax refuge - Costa Rica

Project description

The project in Costa Rica was FFF first real step to protect and in this specific case also restore the rainforest. In this Costa Rican region not far from the Carara national park farmers have cut down a big portion of forest and split up the land. This threatens the ecosystem of the whole area, as it destroys the habitat of animals and worse, it interrupts the roaming of many animals, which they need for survival.

In situations like this, one would try to 'build' an ecological corridor. Which means: protect intact old forest and plant trees between these forests islands to connect them again.

The Costa Rican organisation Arbofilia(treelover) had started exactly this already years ago. The project was getting difficult now because of landowners and farmers who either continued felling trees in the corridor area planed or recently began to sell their land to land developers. More than half of this land still is very valuable old rainforest, some is secondary forest and some is cattle land, which needs replanting. It is important that this land along the corridor does not end up in the wrong hands.

Arbofilia has been planting trees along this corridor for years and the corridor was growing. But the latest development and increased pressure on the forest, was more than Arbofilia with it's limited financial resources could respond to.

FuckForForest get involved

So we decided to buy land, before it got in wrong hand. This allows Arbofilia to continue restoreing the forests and not loose all the investment of previous years.

We are two independent projects and organisations. But we feel we work for the same goals and will be able to coexist and give support to the forests there.

FuckForForest have bought about 60 hectares with forest in Costa Rica that now is protected area. This protected area is now named: Wild Climax Refuge. About 10 % of this is land that is destroyed by farmers and need to get replanted. The rest of the land is intact forest that is untouched by humans.

FFF bought 3 pieces of land:

25.10.06 FFF buy 1 area of forest for 67 700 NOK about 13234$ or 8499Euro

25.10.06 buy the 2 part for 67 700 NOK about 13234$ or 8499Euro

07.11.06 buy the 3 part for 56 600 NOK about 11073$ or 7107Euro

21.03.07 paid for the expenses connected to buying the land (lawyers) and FFF visit in Costa Rica to Arbofilias station 9 000 NOK about 1760$ or 1130Euro

Total sent: 201000 NOK around 39303 $ or 25246Euro

In year 2010

FFF was planing to buy more land and work closer to Arbofilia but got sabotaged by another eco organization from Holland. They have been founding Arbofilia as well and helped them to buy land and make protected areas. But when they found out about FFF also working in the area and in connection to Arbofilia they threatened with stoping to give Arbofilia more money.

Strange when nature organizations prevent each other to help earth from destruction. Together we could have been strong... Now we have to try to do it alone...

(soon we will post more on this, we are in contact with the organization now)

Another problem in Costa Rica is the rich and filthy people that go there and invest. Close to the area Wild Climax Refuge a rich American bought 300 hectare with forest and building a road right trough the forest to build a luxury house. Not allowed in Costa Rica to destroy natural forest but what to do when rich people control the world...

So for people in Costa Rica please stand up for your forest rights to be there, you have legal rights to fight this rich people! We will investigate more in this... The prices of land is also going up be course of this, so for small organizations that like to protect forest and do not have millions to spend it got much harder.

The 3 problems in Costa Rica are the fake re-planting projects that are going on there. On the paper Costa Rica is a green and healthy country and work hard to keep the tropical forest. A lot of people and organizations send money to Costa Rica to help with the reforestation that is happening there. But what is happening... In Costa Rica a plantation with teak is a reforestation. But this plant does not belong in the eco system and no animals and plants from Costa Rica can live there.


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