Platano podrida

Platana Podrida is as well as La Manzana Podrida a project organized by an Mexican organization called Rancheros Ugga Bugga. Founded by Tommy and Leona now also with cooperation with Mexican lovers.   

Right now this project is a bit on ice after having trouble with some old owners.

In 2016 FuckForForest Donated 1050000 MXP for buying the land as well 50000 to get the papers legal. In 2017 FuckForForest payed extra 15000 to make a restriction against a person that still makes problem on the land. 

Welcome to the new webpage. 

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We hope it now will be easier for you to find information and to sign up. After FuckForForest was almost dead for a year it’s now been resurrected again in creativity and inspiration to keep on living.

Don’t worry, even if human time on Planet Earth is heading towards its end. FuckForForest will be there with you, entertaining you during these times of horror. As long the internet is working we will keep on reporting with sexy images and news from around the world.

We’ll show you the beauty of life while the world is on fire. Please become a member of FuckForForest today - signing up tomorrow could already be too late.

Your donation will get used on ecological projects and in return for your donation you will get access to a lot of sexy nature loving horny activists.

We’ve just changed the whole system so if you experience any trouble please let us know.

If you already have made photos but no longer have a working password to access the member pages, write and she will help you out.

If you have photos that you would like to donate to FuckForForest, please also contact for more information.


Don’t be shy, the world is doomed to crash and us with it. Why care about the double standard society we are forced to live in. This could be your chance to create something different!