Neotropical Primate Conservation - Peru

FuckForForest donated a amount of 80000 NOK that is around 13200 Amerikansk dollar or around 9680 Euro on the 24 November 2013 to Neotropical Primate Conservation for continue doing there great work. Protecting Forest and animals in Peru

Project description

Neotropical Primate Conservation (NPC) was founded by Sam and Noga Shanee and Lizzie Cooke in 2007. It began as a non-profit organization and was awarded UK charity status in August 2009 (Registered Charity number 1131122).

NPC was set up in order to promote the conservation of Neotropical forest habitat and all wildlife through various means. These include: land protection; research; improvement of degraded habitat for wildlife; creation of public awareness; and facilitation of the commercialisation of sustainable, ecological products on behalf of local people.

Since 2007 NPC has been using the Critically Endangered yellow tailed woolly monkey (Oreonax flavicauda) as a “flagship species” for conservation in the Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot of North-Eastern Peru. Specifically, we aim to create private and community run reserves which will protect a major part of the natural biological corridors connecting existing protected areas, ensuring long term habitat protection for O. flavicauda and other sympatric species.
Through this work we help local communities strengthen their stewardship of nature as well as their traditional and cultural identification, benefiting both humans and the environment. We are proud to be a small charity able to operate with limited resources but with a lot of commitment to the cause. We run dozens of low cost projects which have already proven successful and we use our experiences to globally promote efficient conservation.
-The NPC team more info on there webpage

NPC is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation of monkeys and their habitat in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America. Our aim is to promote the conservation of neotropical forests and protect biodiversity by working in several ways:

  • Catalyzing and supporting local conservation initiatives
  • Protection of wilderness areas
  • Conducting scientific investigations of plants, animals and ecosystems
  • Rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce animals to their natural habitats
  • Promote conservation education and public awareness
  • Improvement of degraded habitat through reforestation
  • Commercialisation of sustainable products on behalf of local communities

More story on there webpage and on Facebook

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