VLK Lesoochranarske zoskupenie - Slovakia

FuckForForest donated

FuckForForest donated 100000 Nok the 10/08 -2013

100000 Nok is around 12795 € This FFF donated to VLK Lesoochranarske zoskupenie campaign "Buy your own tree". FFF wish to buy a tree for all FFF activist that have been donating there body and sexuality to protect nature during the last years thanks to you and our members FFF would be nothing. And with your help we now help to protect forest in Slovakia.

FuckForForest donated second time

FuckForForest gave 50000Nok around 6370 EUR = 8356 USD to VLK Lesoochranarske zoskupenie a organization in Slovakia, to save the last natural forests there, in the winter 2010

40000 Nok = 5096 EUR donated to there campaign "Buy your own tree" Here is also a short video with english subtitles, which explains and shows the forest and the campaign.
10000 Nok = 1274 EUR for there work to be able to continue there work.

FuckForForest donated first time

FuckForForest gave 2600Euro = 3666$ to VLK Lesoochranarske zoskupenie in 2009

100Euro = 141$ got used in the campaign "Buy your own tree" Here is also a short video with english subtitles, which explains and shows the forest and the campaign.

2500Euro = 3.525$ for the overhead expenses like maps, licences, geografical measurements, geodesist and so on which is necessary to legaly buy these forests. To help the organization to go forward and continue there work.

Information from the web pages

The survival of humankind depends on the appropriate functioning of natural ecosystems, including forests, in both the near and distant future. Forests are the evolutionary home for the evolutionary heritage of the majority species on Earth. Saving this heritage is the only people will be able to face their future with dignity.

Although the signatories of this Forest Charter are convinced that all living beings on Earth are equal to one another and humankind represents just a thread in the biodiversity network, they appreciate that, at the same time, forests provide us with numerous services and are also sources of wood that is used both as fuel and materials for building as well as sources of medicines - all of which create the basis of human economy. In addition, forests are sources of cultural and spiritual values that enrich human society.

Thus, we need forests; forests do not need us.

In the last few centuries, people have eliminated, degraded, and destroyed forest ecosystems by increasing their exploitation of forests. In the coming decades, thousands of species dependent on forests will face extinction, and we humans may well be among them...

Short history from the project:

We buy forests, because we found that this is a very effective sollution to stop them being cut down. To date we have bought 36,21 hectares, which we (officially) declared and named Wolf´s reserve (its the first private natural reserve in Central Europe) in 2004.

Also a man contacted us in 1998 and he donated to us his forest, 36,38 hectares, which we declared as a natural reserve, the Lynx's reserve, which is now protected.

These two forests are in our ownership and they are 100% protected, which means no logging, no hunting, no research. We returned these forests back to Mother Nature.

We have a campaign where we collect money which goes directly, 100%, to buying forests. Administrative costs are from other sources. It's called Buy your own tree, where anybody can symbolically buy a tree in the Wolf's reserve.

Also we have rented a forest (a state natural reserve called Sucha dolina)from the state for 40 years, which was threatened by logging. So for now 160 hectares are saved.

And we have managed to convince the state to declare and enlarge more natural reserves in Slovakia.

And we have managed to convince the state to declare and enlarge more natural reserves in Slovakia.

nature reserve "Udava", 393,30 ha (973 acres), Bukovske Mountains, extended state reserve

nature reserve "Kyjov Forest", 397,42 ha (984 acres), Vihorlat Mountains, extended state reserve

nature reserve "Bisce", 28,01 ha (69 acres), The East Slovak lowland, floodplain forest, new state reserve

... many legislative improvements for better protection of our nature and its processes, hundreds of saved bears and wolfs, restriction of pesticides use, tens of published books, increase of population awareness, etc.

Two years ago we have participated in a blocade of a forest, which was about to be logged, in the High Tatras. The blocade was successful and we saved the forest, but for how long? more info about this acction

The idea is not to protect individual species, trees or animals, but the forest as a whole. As a organism which has the right to exist in its own term, which has many functions for the environment and also is beneficial for people and other animals.

More info about this project will follow!
If interested there is more info about there vision and work on there web page: www.wolf.sk/en/en-home

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